Three's a Crowd

Rose and Zayn have been best friends since before they can remember. When Zayn's life is completely turned upside down and he becomes 1/5 of the world's biggest boyband, he and Rose reconnect. Upon reuniting with Zayn, Rose meets the rest of the band, and nothing could prepare her for what was to come.


7. Rose's Past

Zayn POV


Even though Rose told me she would be ok, I couldn't help but worry. She was so fragile. We became friends back in Bradford when we were partnered together for an English assignment. We both discovered each other's love for poetry, and we would text each other randomly quoting a poem or saying we had read somewhere. She was so different from any other girl I met. She seemed so carefree and confident, and I loved and admired her for that. I didn't realize that it was only a mask, and behind it hid an insecure, self loathing girl with a gigantic hole in her heart.


Rose and I had grown so comfortable with each other, we would basically just walk into each other's homes like they were our own. She was practically my sister. But one day I walked into her room and saw something that made me feel weak, and really wrenched my heart. Sitting on the middle of her bed crying hysterically, with blood everywhere sat Rose, a pair of scissors on her wrist. I lept towards her and wripped them out of her hands, and she collapsed into my arms and sobbed.


Her aunt wasn't home, she often forgot about Rose, and I definitely wasn't going to call her dad. So, we just sat there in the middle of her bed, my arms around her, creating a shelter to block her from the cruelties of the outside world. I stayed that night, slept in her bed with her, holding her. There was nothing intimate about it. It was just peaceful, and I needed to be sure she was safe. I didn't want to leave her alone again. I just laid there, listening to her breathing, twirling her hair through my fingers.


I never knew what exactly set her off that day, I didn't want to ask, but I did know that I never wanted to see her hurting like that again. I became so protective of her, making sure no one said anything harsh to her, and overall becoming a protective brother, also evaluating each of the boyfriends that she got, telling them off when they hurt her,  


The worst one was Derek. Derek was one of Rose's first boyfriend's, back when they were 15. He was your stereotypical jock. Football star, tall with short blonde hair, muscular. Rose had never been really popular. Not a loser, just in the middle, the unknown, but Derek noticed her. I don't blame him, I mean, she's smart, funny, and, quite honestly, she was beautiful. They went on a date, and Rose said it was one of the best times of her life. I didn't particularly like him, partially because I was jealous, but he made Rose happy, and that mattered a lot to me.


They dated for about a month. It was just enough time for Rose to fall in love with him, and just enough time for him to make sure her heart shattered when he left.


He called her one day, inviting her to a bonfire down at the lake. She had never hung out with Derek's friends, and I remember her voice trembling on the phone with me as she got ready. She got to the bonfire, and there was a lot of drinking, even though they were underage. Rose refused to drink, knowing that there would be consequences.


God, Derek said some awful things to her that night. He was smashed, and the things he said to her would leave her emotionally damaged for a while after, and it totally destroyed all trust she had in anyone except for me. He told her the relationship was a joke, that his friends had dared him to go out with her, and that they would pay him if he lasted a month. He broke up with her then and there, and left her stranded without a ride, since she presumed they were going home together.


I remember the ache in my heart when she called me sobbing, asking me to pick her up. I ran to my mom, explaining that Rose needed a ride, being vague with the details. Thankfully my mom wasn't one to pry, and she waited in the car while I ran over to Rose, sitting on the edge of the dock at the lake, with her knees curled up to her chest, tears streaming down her face. I didn't have to ask what happened, I already knew. Later on she would give me the full account, but at that moment, i didn't ask her to go into details. Instead, I sat down on the dock next to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders, just sitting there, staring into the water. After about fifteen minutes, we went back to the car, Rose clinging to me as if she was afraid I might leave her too. But I never would. I would always be there for her, until the day I died.

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