Three's a Crowd

Rose and Zayn have been best friends since before they can remember. When Zayn's life is completely turned upside down and he becomes 1/5 of the world's biggest boyband, he and Rose reconnect. Upon reuniting with Zayn, Rose meets the rest of the band, and nothing could prepare her for what was to come.


10. Confused

Rose POV


After I left Harry and went to get dressed, I replayed the morning's events in my head. My stomach filled with butterflies when I recalled the feeling of his hand brushing the side of my face, his piercing green eyes staring into mine. I was so confused, and I felt slightly betrayed by my heart for displaying so much emotion. Harry was nothing like Zayn had described. Sure, he was cheeky and flirty, but not once had he really tried anything with me to seriously signify that he wanted me in a sexual way. If anything, it was the opposite of that. His gaze was so tender, and he had been so hurt by what I had said, surely someone who was only interested in a one night stand wouldn't care what the other person thought, right?


Right as I was about to take off my pajamas and start to get ready, I decided to take a shower, to clear my head. I wandered up and down the halls until I found one, and turned on the hot water. For a while, I just stood under the steamy spray, letting it wash over me. What was going on between Harry and I? Could anything happen between Harry and I? I thought of Zayn, getting so protective and defensive. Wouldn't his best mate be the perfect person to get involved with, since he knew him so well? But Zayn's warnings about Harry echoed in my head as I stepped out of the shower into the cool air.


Wrapping a towel around me, I cursed myself silently when I realized I had left all of my clothes in Zayn's room. I prepared myself for the risky walk down the hallway in just a towel, and I bolted out of the bathroom...right into Harry.


"Shit," I muttered, trying to get around him. He smirked and grabbed my by the hips, pulling me into him. "Nice look," he whispered huskily, and I felt my cheeks flush. The innocent, sweet, loving Harry from this morning was gone, replaced by his cheeky, arrogant alter ego.


"Fuck off," I said, and I made my way back to Zayn's room, cheeks still burning, as Harry chuckled behind me.


When I got back to the room, I quickly pulled on my bra and underwear, hoping to get dressed as quietly as possible without waking Zayn. Not quietly enough apparantly. He turned over just as I was sliding the last strap of my bra over my shoulder. I was covered in all the right areas, but I still felt horribly exposed.


"Do I get to wake up to this every morning?" he asked sleepily, smiling as he took in my lack of clothes. "Because I can get used to this."


I rolled my eyes, trying to stay calm as I threw on a blue jumper. "You've seen me in a bikini Zayn," I laughed lightly. "This isn't that different. And no, you won't 'get used to this.' I'll remember to change in the bathroom from now on."


"Damn," he pouted, and I couldn't help but smile.


"Do you want me to make breakfast?" I asked as I pulled on my jeans. I had been so caught up with what happened with Harry this morning, I hadn't eaten.


"Mmmm, a home cooked meal made by a woman? How can I say no to that?" he smiled, and I playfully threw a pillow at him.


"I'll take that as a yes," I laughed, and I made my way back to the kitchen, where Louis was reaching for a box of cereal. I slapped his hand away, and he looked at me in surprise. "None of that," I said, "I'm making breakfast."


Louis smiled widely. "Alright!" he said, "I could get used to having a girl around here!"


I laughed again. "Call Liam and Niall," I said, "tell them to get their butts down here, and that I have bacon."


Louis chuckled and went into the living room to get his phone, and Zayn entered the kitchen. He was only wearing a pair of baggy grey sweatpants, and I couldn't help but notice his toned upper body. What was it with these boys and not weraing clothes?


"Working out?" I giggled, poking his chest, and he laughed, running his hand through his disheveled hair.


"You've been away a while Rose," he said, "I'm not a puny kid anymore."


"No, you're not," I agreed, "So I'll give you some extra bacon just for that."


"Yes!" he said, punching his fist in the air like a child, and I chuckled to myself as I started on the eggs. I heard some commotion by the front door, and soon Niall and Liam walked in, followed by Louis and Harry.


"Good morning boys," I smiled, putting some toast into the toaster.


"Morning Rose," they said, and they sat down at the table, waiting to be served. I turned around, hands on my hips.


"Oh, no" I said, "if you want food, you better help set up the table."


I smiled in satisfaction as four obedient boys got up and went to the cupboard to fetch utensils and plates. I turned back to cooking, and I sensed Harry coming up next to me.


"I know you just ate," I said, "but you boys are like bottomless pits, so if you want food..."


He laughed, running his fingers through his curls. "Yeah, that'd be great," he said, "but actually, I wanted to apologize for before."


"Before...?" I asked questioningly.


"Yeah, with the shower thing," he said, his cheeks flushing slightly. "That was inappropriate."


"Apology accepted," I smiled, and he returned the smile and went to sit at the table. Inside, I was reeling. So he wasn't sorry about what happened in the kitchen before? Quite frankly, I wasn't either. But at the same time, I just wanted him to acknowledge that it had at least happened, that he felt the same things I felt.


Well he did, didn't he?

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