Three's a Crowd

Rose and Zayn have been best friends since before they can remember. When Zayn's life is completely turned upside down and he becomes 1/5 of the world's biggest boyband, he and Rose reconnect. Upon reuniting with Zayn, Rose meets the rest of the band, and nothing could prepare her for what was to come.


13. After the Kiss

Rose POV


For a full minute after Zayn's soft lips met mine, my brain shorted out. I couldn't think, all I could do was feel his mouth gliding over mine, and I had no control over the intensity in which my lips responded. He threaded his fingers through my hair, and I placed my hand on his solid chest. I felt his tongue slide through my lips, and I didn't stop him. I had expected it to feel so wrong, (he was my best friend!) but it didn't. It felt...intense, foreign, unexpected, and strange, but in a very good way. The passion heated behind this kiss was fueled by something he had obviously kept pent up inside. This was not a 'spur of the moment' thing. This was a 'I've waited years to do that' kind of kiss.


He slowly rotated his body, and angled himself on top of me, and I laid on my back, still kissing him. I didn't know where this was going, but at the moment, I didn't care.


"Rose," he whispered, breaking the kiss, looking down at me with such passion and intensity. "I love you so much. I didn't realize it until I saw you with Harry, but-"




I pushed Zayn off of me as gently as I could, but nothing could stop the look of hurt and pain that filled his eyes when I did. "Zayn," I started softly, "I...I just-"


"You love him." He said, staring at me intently with his dark eyes, tears pooling in the corners of them. It wasn't a question, he was stating it, he already knew the truth.


"I think I do." I said softly, turning my head away from him as a small tear escaped from my eyes as well as his. There was silence, and I felt his gaze still on me.


"But," I said even softer, looking back up at him, "I love you too."


This time it was Zayn's turn to look away, furiously wiping away his tears.


"But not in the same way I love Harry," I persisted, my voice shaking slightly, a lump forming in my throat. "'re my best friend. I don't want to lose you, so just...please," my voice was barely a whisper, "don't ruin this."


"Ruin this?" he whispered, and my heart wrenched at the pain in his voice. "What exactly is me loving you ruining?"


"Our friendship, our memories," I said quietly, my eyes silently begging him to understand. "And it will ruin your friendship with Harry as well. I need you in my life Zayn, but not like this. I need you to be my shoulder to cry on, my brother, my partner in crime, but...not this." More silent tears ran down my face, because I knew I was killing him.


Zayn stood up slowly. "I'm not ruining anything," he said softly, but there was so much pain behind his words. "You ruined it yourself."


He left the room quickly, slamming the door behind him. As soon as he left, I broke. I started to hysterically cry. Hugging my knees into my chest I sat on the bed and sobbed, wishing I could be anywhere but here.


After about fifteen minutes, I heard a knock on the door. I figured it was Harry, coming to see what had happened, because Zayn had probably caused a scene in the living room where I'm guessing he was sleeping tonight.


"Come in," I said shakily, smoothening my hair away from my face. I was surprised that the face that appeared was not Harry's, but Niall's.


"D'you mind?" he asked, gesturing towards my bed, asking for permission to sit down. I sniffled and shook my head, and he sat down next to me.


"I'm not going to ask what happened," he started slowly, "but I need to know that you're alright. What happens between you and Zayn really isn't my business, but even though I just met you Rose, I think you're great, and I know that Harry cares about you, and no matter what happens, Zayn cares about you too. I don't like seeing you like this. It's not a good look on you," he said, smiling lopsidedly.


I opened my mouth to say I was ok, but no noise came out. I turned my head away from Niall and sighed shakily. "I...I don't know if I'm ok, Niall," I admitted, my voice hoarse from crying. "I don't deserve either of them." And with that, the tears started flowing again. I felt his strong arms wrap around me, and he stroked my hair, making soothing noises. I cacooned myself in his embrace, and sat there for what seemed like hours, glad to just have someone there for me at that moment.


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