You're my Romeo and I'm your Juleit

I'm finally out! Finally out of high school! Now I can go out in the real world and work on my career! Wait it gets better, my best friend will be by my side the whole time! Also we are taking a college trip to London! I just need to focus on my career, but I'm single and ready to mingle so if there is a guy I'm interested in I'll talk to him! Summer love right?


5. the stairs

The elevator was finally empty, which was a relief but we had 4 more floors left. "KATE!! WHAT THE HELL!!! WHY DID YOU FUCKING LEAN AGAINST THE ELEVATOR FLOORS!!!" I snapped at her " I knew we should of taken the stairs!!" I mumbled."BROOKE!! CHILL!! and plus you know we can't walk fast up 18 flights of stairs!!" she said "YES WE CAN!!!!!" I yelled. " well ma..." Kate was interupted by the elevator door opening, there stood a lil boy. He stepped in, things got very awkward after that. I kept on giving Kate the death stare "WHAT!" she exclaimed, the lil boy shot up cause I could tell he wasnt exepting it. "oh nothing, but Im tired of being in this elevator!!" I snapped " well im sorry but you know how i feel about tight spaces!" she said. "THAT DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN LEAN AGAINST ALL THE BUTTONS!!" I yelled, the lil boy must of felt akward cause  he was standinng in the middle of it.  "well!!" she said putting her hands up in defence. Finally it was the 18th floor, i sighed in relief and so did the lil boy cause I heard him as we stepped out of the elevator.

We opened up our hotel room and hurried up and changed, I changed in the bathroom and kate changed in the room. I wore a pink tank top and some nike running shorts as my cover up, I brushed out my hair and did a french braid on one side of my head and tied it into a side pony tail. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Kate ready, she wore a floral purple tanktop with some white sweat booty shorts. Her hair was still in a messy bun "ready?" she asked "YUP!" i said as i put on some white flip flops and so did Kate. We grabbed our bags that had towels,money,and suncreen, We walked out the door. We decided to try the elevator again but once the door opened, people were cramed inside. It took a second for me to turn around and walked straight for the stairs, I did not want to go through that experince again!! " come on, kate we are taking the stairs!!" I said grabbing her arm and litterly dragging her to the stairs. "Are we almost done yet?" Kate whinned " KATE! we just got on floor 17!!" I said " its been like 30 min!" she whinned again. I looked at the clock we started walking at 1 and its 1:01 " Ummm Its been one minute!" I said looking at her strange. " Dont Judge me!" she snapped, I rolled my eyes.

We got done walking down the stairs well I was.  " you glad now we made it down!" i said while turning around expecting to see Kate right behind me. people must of thought I had an imaginery friend cause I thought I have been talking to Kate for awhile now and a lot of people used the stairs. I looked at my clock it was 1:13 , I've been starring at the stairs waiting for Kate to come down. People must of been thinking i was starring at ghost or something cause when then walked by they gave me a weird look but i didn't mind. It was 1:16 when Kate finally was done walking down the stairs "Hey your alive!" i cheered "ya ya say what you want to say" she said tiredly "don't give me attitude!" I said joking, we laughed. We stepped outside of the hotel looking for Louis and Harry, we finally spotted them and me and kates jaw dropped to the floor.

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