You're my Romeo and I'm your Juleit

I'm finally out! Finally out of high school! Now I can go out in the real world and work on my career! Wait it gets better, my best friend will be by my side the whole time! Also we are taking a college trip to London! I just need to focus on my career, but I'm single and ready to mingle so if there is a guy I'm interested in I'll talk to him! Summer love right?


7. The day the beach

"everything okay my love?" louis asked "yea I thought we were going to the water park!?" I said "well the water park was too crowded and I thought the beach was better!" he replied "well good choice tomlison!" I said with a smile. "HEADS UP!!" I heard a girl yell then bam! A beach volleyball hit Kate right in the face! "Ma'am I'm so sorry about that!" said a lady with a familiar voice "Angela?" I asked "BROOKE OH MY GOSH ITS SO GREAT SO SEE YOU ANGAIN!!" she said with joy. Angela is my cousin she came to London for college along with her twin Kelly. Angela was tall but not as tall as me I used to joke with her cause I'm younger than her and I was taller. She was wearing a dark blue bikini with light blue plaid design her hair was put up in a pony tail with crazy wavy hair going down her back and bangs. She had brown eyes and darker skin then me, she is sporty she loves to swim and competetive in it too. "HELLO ANYONE GONNA HELP ME! I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT MY FACE IS THOBBING!!" Kate yelled annoyed. "oh ya let me help you!" Angela said holding out her hand.

"ok we got everything!" Liam came out running with bags in his hand checking to make sure he got everything, he was done he made eye contact with Angela. "and who is this beautiful creature I see in front of me?" he asked holding Angela's hand and kissed it. I could see Angela blushing "I'm Angela and who are you?" she asked quietly "I'm Liam Payne" he said. In the distance I could see Kelly running towards us yelling "ANGELA ARE YOU O...." Kelly stopped when she spotted Zayn. Kelly was wearing a silky purple bikini her hair was in a braided pony tail. Since kelly and angela are twins they look quite similiar but there are differneces. "hey kelly whats up!" I said to her "good" she said as she walked past me "rude" I mumbled. "hey Im kelly!" she said to Zayn, "Im Zayn Malik they call me D.J. Malik" he said biting his lip "awesome!" kelly replied "You are very beautiful" said Zayn. Kelly was smiling at the ground and blushing "hey i just met you but this is crazy but heres my number so call me maybe" kelly said to Zayn. He chukled "yea sure!" he said and they smiled and starred into each others eyes.

"Ok love birds lets play some beach volleyball!" said me and Louis walking through Kelly and Zayns romance. We laughed and ran to the net, ok boys versus girls says Angela. We started playing the score was boys-17 girls-19. I was the boys turn to serve so Liam served it and it was going stright for kate but she didnt notice cause she was fiddling with her nails. The girls side screamed "KATE!' she looked up and BAM!! The beach volleyball hit Kate right in the face, the ball was going to fast that it knocked kate out of bounds! "oeeeehhhhh" we said as harry and I were running towards asking her if she was okay and she was thank goodness. (boys point) Liam served it again going towards kelly she bumped it towards angela and angela set it to me then I spiked it over the net. But the boys recieved it and Zayn set it up towards Louis and he tried spiking it over but Me and Angela blocked it. *15 min later* they score was set 1- girls-21& boys-18, set 2 girls-20 & boys-22.

It was the 3rd set and the score was girls-13 boys-14, great it was Liams turn to serve and he served it straight towards kate so she ducked and the ball was close to the line the girls said it was out of bounds but the boys said it was in. So we fought, "We won cause you guys are cheaters!" yelled Kelly and the girls side cheered but the boys didn't take it so well, so they started sprinting towards us. "RUN!!" I scream and we did. Kate tripped over one of our bags I tried helping her up but the guys were so close "good luck kate!" I said to her "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE BROOKE!!" she yelled as was trying to catch up with Angela and Kelly. I turned around and saw Harry with Kate I came up with an idea. "Guys split up!!" I screamed so Angela went straight and Kelly went towards the Ocean and I went to the left towards the Van. Now instead of 4 guys after us it was just one and Niall just stood in the middle and waited for anybody that turned around. I noticed Louis was looking for me then I lost him out of my sight, I started to freak out I didnt want to be caught.

I started to tip toe around the Van then I heard some breathing and turned around to see Louis in front of me. He wrapped his arms around me and picked me up over his shoulder and started sprinting towards Harry and Kate. "put me down, Lou!" I said trying to be serious but failed at that and started laughing! We finally reached Kate and Harry and put me down but not long enough for me to run, he was smarter than I thought so I just sat there in Louis arms.

Angela's P.O.V.

I was running as fast as I can, I found a small shack and decided to go hide behind it. I heard a british accent yell for my name, I peeked around the shack and spotted Liam but I am sure he didnt spot me well at least I hope! Liam started running the other direction "shoo!" I sais acting like I wipped the sweat off of my forehead, fixing my bangs. I started running where we started from then I saw Niall standing there running after me "Fuck!" I whsipered. Then I bumped into Liam and fell down on my butt. "I guess I'm caught!" I said sighed "you know what!? Your cute when your mad!" Liam said with a smile on his lips. "shut up!" I said while doing a friendly kick on Liams leg. He picked me up in a Bridal style and started carrying me over to Louis, Brooke, Harry, Kate. I was looking into Liam's brown eyes when I heard a scream It sounded like Kelly. "LIAM PUT ME DOWN I HEARD KELLY SCREAM AND ITS NOT A HAPPY ONE!" I yelled and freaking out. I got over to the ocean and saw Zayn laying in the sand lifeless, "ZAYN!! ZAYN!! PLEASE BREATHE COME ZAYN SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE!!" Kelly screamed.

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