You're my Romeo and I'm your Juleit

I'm finally out! Finally out of high school! Now I can go out in the real world and work on my career! Wait it gets better, my best friend will be by my side the whole time! Also we are taking a college trip to London! I just need to focus on my career, but I'm single and ready to mingle so if there is a guy I'm interested in I'll talk to him! Summer love right?


6. The car ride

Me and Kate were just starring at this beach van with 3 extra boys in the van with Louis and Harry that we have never seen before. We were speachless how handsome they were! "Hjkladfmb" Kate tried to speak, I giggled "you okay there?" I asked "what? Yea I'm fine! Why wouldn't I be?" she asked starring at the boy with blond hair. "someone has a crush" I mumbled "No I don't I like Harry!" she said " ok ya sure!!" I said nudging her with my elbow. She just gave me a glare "yea yea I know!" I said "but you know it's true!" I laughed, she gave me another glare. "hey" I said putting my hands up in defense.

"Hey babe!" Louis said to me as I sat in the car. "Hey" I said back "you look lovely" he flirted, I felt my cheeks get hotter then I looked up at him "ya cause you know a tank top and running shorts are just stunning!" I said with a smirk on my lips. "we'll maybe not on other people but on you it looks beautiful!" Louis said "shut up!" I said as I gave him a friendly punch on his arm. We laughed and he wrapped his arm around me as we were on our way to the water park.

Kate's P.O.V.
As I sat down next to Harry in the Van he hugged me and whispered in my ear "hello beautiful!" I turned to look at him "hello curly Q" I said "you are just jealous" he said as he flipped his hair which killed me!!! We laughed " aren't you gonna introduce me to your friends?" I asked "oh yea! This is Niall, Liam, and Zayn" he said. "hello Niall I'm Kate nice to meet you!" I said as a shook his hand, once Niall and my hands met I felt sparks through my body. I left go quickly cause I like Harry not Niall. "Hi Zayn hey Liam I'm Kate nice to meet you!" I said and shooked their hands.

Brooke's P.O.V.
"so tell me love? Why did it take you guys so long to come out?" Louis asked "well uh I" I looked at Kate her face was getting redder and redder she knew she was gonna be embarressed, but I went along and told them anyways since she deserved it by causing it. After I got done telling the boys they started cracking up laughing, Niall laughed so hard that tears were rolling down his cheek. Kate felt so embarressed but Harry wrapped her around his arms. "So Liam right?" I said to the guy driving "yes that's my name!" he said "ok so how much longer till we get to the water park?" I asked. "umm about 15 more minutes" he said "ok" I replied. And got comfortable in Louis arms.

Kate's P.O.V.
Durring the car ride was so awkward for me! I was sitting between Harry and Niall, I couldnt take it any longer so I just leaned against Harry and shut my eyes. I just met Niall I couldnt like him! I thought to myself. I was interrupted by my thoughts when I felt muscular arms wrapped around me I felt so safe with Harry. I opened my eyes and saw Harry starring at me smiling "sorry hone did I wake you" he asked "no I'm fine" I said feeling sleepy and rested my head on his chest.

Brooke's P.O.V.
I heard a song come on the radio " hey zayn can you turn it up?" I asked and he did. It as the same song that me an Kate heard on the radio on our way to Hollister. I started humming the beat to the song "somebody likes this song!" Louis said to me smiling "yea I do I never heard of this song in America before" I said "oh I know all the lyrics to this song!" he replied "you do!" I exlaimed "yea!!" he said running his fingers across my braid. "so you know who sings this!" I said closing my eyes "yup they are called One Direction if you ask me I think they are good looking and very very talented!" he said stroking stray hairs out of my face. I was so relaxed having Louis here and he started singing to me, he was singing along with the radio and I fell asleep. His voice sounded like an angel. "WAKE UP BROOKE!!! WE ARE HERE!!!" said a familiar voice shaking me I woke up and found myself looking at Louis "let's go!" he said "ok!" I replied."WAIT!!!" I yelled I have to wake up Kate "KATE WAKE UP!!!!" I yelled that didn't work hmmm "KATE CUTE BOYS ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!!" I yelled and with that she perked up I just laughed. "come on let's get our tan on!!" she said, when we got out of the van I was amazed, shocked,and confused.
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