You're my Romeo and I'm your Juleit

I'm finally out! Finally out of high school! Now I can go out in the real world and work on my career! Wait it gets better, my best friend will be by my side the whole time! Also we are taking a college trip to London! I just need to focus on my career, but I'm single and ready to mingle so if there is a guy I'm interested in I'll talk to him! Summer love right?


9. Kissed

Brooke's POV

There was zayns lifeless body. I couldn't stand looking at him. He was in a comma but to me he looked dead. Everybody was looking at zayn when we heard something. The door shut loudly when Kelly left the room.Niall chased after her. I just let them be and leaned my head to Louis's chest. He wrapped his muscular arms around me. " Want to get a snack?" he asked in his sweet accent, I nodded and we left everybody else. While walking we see Kelly crying on nialls shoulder. He is comforting her.

Kelly POV

"It's all my fault! I sobbed to Niall. " shhh don't say that it's nobody's fault", he said with his Irish accent. "But it I...." I was interrupted by Niall. "But nothing! It's not your fault Kelly!"' he exclaimed. For a long moment we were starring into each others eyes. I leaned in and so did he. Our lips met, his lips were oh so soft. My body felt calm. We pulled away when we heard a gasp.

Kate's POV

I couldn't believe what I saw! Niall and Kelly kissed! How could she do that to zayn who is in a comma right now! He would be crushed if he knew this! I mean he basically loves Kelly! How could she do this! And for Niall, zayn is your best friend! You don't kiss your best friends girl friend! I don't know about you but I think that's a rule of the guy code! I just stood there starring at them in shocked. I had lots of emotions going through my body. I was mad, sad, confused, jealous. I stopped thinking when I just thought I was jealous! I can't be jealous I'm with Harry for goodness sake! I finally managed out the words " you, you guys ki ki kissed".

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