You're my Romeo and I'm your Juleit

I'm finally out! Finally out of high school! Now I can go out in the real world and work on my career! Wait it gets better, my best friend will be by my side the whole time! Also we are taking a college trip to London! I just need to focus on my career, but I'm single and ready to mingle so if there is a guy I'm interested in I'll talk to him! Summer love right?


11. Cookies!


      Kelly POV

   I just kissed Niall. Motions can not describe what is going through my head. Am I developing some feelings for him? His light ocean blue eyes and his cute Irish accent..... No wait I cant be thinking like this, Zayn is the one I love right?

    KELLY!! kate yelled snapping me out of my thoughts and into reality. "What?" I asked trying to hold back all of my emotions that are trying to escape. "We need to talk" kate said taking my hand and dragging me into the nearest bathroom.

    "Look kelly im sorry for yelling at you,but why? Kate asked while giving me a hug. I couldnt keep it in anymore, all of the emotions, all the tears that I was holding back were now escaping. "Its okay, Its okay" Kate said trying to calm me down giving me another massive hug.

    After about a good five minutes all my tears ran dry and I had stopped crying."So why did Niall kiss you back" Kate asked. I..I don't know i snifled back still recovering from everything that has happened.

        Kate POV

    People kept walking in and out of the bathrooms starring at us like we're freaks...ugh why did they have to use this bathroom...I told Kelly we were going to finish this conversation later as I started standing up to brush myself off. She simply noded her head in agreement and we both got up leaving the bathroom, heading straight toward Zayn's room.

      Zayn POV

  Everything is still dark and quiet with beeping noises every now and then from the machines I assume. I need to get out of the darkness but I dont know how. I heard a door open and figured it was just the nurse when i hear talking.

  "Hey Zayn i hope you get better soon" I hear a familiar voice say. It was Kelly!! My love, My life I need to get out now so I can see her and tell her that I love her. But the darkness is just overbearing, no matter what I do I cant get out. Its hopeless.


       Angela POV

   Louis, Brooke and I along with Liam of course all decided to go eat some lunch at a restaurant near the hospital. We all agreed on a place and ordered our lunch.

I ordered the cheeseburger with fries and a drink as well did Louis, Brooke and Liam ordered Chicken nuggets and fries with a drink. When all of us were almost done eating Liam secretly ordered some dessert. I knew this because he came back after supposibly using the restroom with his sweater pockets bigger than what they were before. Hmm thats suspicious I thought to myself , then I quickly snatched the cookies(which was in a bag). The cookies were suppose to be his but, I wanted some.

Stop! I yelled at Liam as he was threatening to squirt me with ketchup bottle if i didn't give him back his cookies.' Brooke help!' I yelled as she eagerly got up to defend me.

"Brooke you sure you want to do this!" Liam said with a huge grin on his face.

"Dont fall for it Brooke! Stick with me and I will share the cookies with you".I yelled

" Brooke you can't be against my pal Liam here" Louis said

"Well i want COOOKIES!" she exclaimed

"Well then I guess this means WAR!" Louis chanted.

All of a sudden Liam squirts ketchup at Brooke and me getting it all over our clothes and we quickly fight back. Brooke you get Louis and ill get Liam as they run knowing we're going to come back at them with revenge.

I grab the salt and Brooke grabs the relesh as we both run for out targets. Once I trapped Liam in a corner next to where some people stopped eating and are now staring at us like freaks,I untwisted the cap off of the salt and poured it all over Liam's Hair even some down his shirt! Then Liam grabs me in a bearhug and squirts ketchup all over my face making me look like a clown. OOh Liam i loook so silly come and give me a hug i demanded making sure to rub my face all over Liams shirt getting ketchup on it.

Brooke POV

"You can run but you cant hide", I yelled seachering for Louis, ready to fight.

I felt a hand wrap around my ankle. I looked down and saw Louis under a table grinning. He tugged onto my leg which made me trip. He pulled me closer to him squirting mustard all over me!

"Oh no you didn't!", I screamed.

"I just did!" he said as he got up and running away from me.

"Louis Tomlison!" I yelled while chasing him

I was getting closer to him, but Louis suddenly stopped. I used this as my advantage to get him back. Louis turned oneside leaving me to squirt relish at the manager.

"oh crap!",  I whispered.

"Run!!" Louis screamed while Liam, Angela and I were sprinting out the door.

As soon we got out the door we almost died in laughter at how stupid we looked. There was one person who wasn't a mess though it was Louis".

"Why is Louis the only one who is not messy?!" I yelled

"He's not messy so I guess that means Louis and I win the cookies!" Liam shouted

"Whatever", Angela said rolling her eyes.

We were about to go back to the hospital when I noticed something, a water fountain. "Hey guys lets go check this out", I said pointing to the water fountain.

We got there and Liam and Louis were standing right next to the water fountain. I see the cookies in the back pocket of Liam's pants.

"Hey, anglea I got a plan" I whispered.

I told her and she nodded with a huge grin. Ready 1, 2, 3 I mouthed to her. We grabbed the cookies out of his pocket and pushed them into the water fountain! We sprinted off running while cracking up. We ended up winning the cookies and enjoyed every bit of it!


 **** Authors message: Hey guys I just wanted to inform you that I am co-writing this movella now with " foreveryoung;) " Tell me what you think.











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