You're my Romeo and I'm your Juleit

I'm finally out! Finally out of high school! Now I can go out in the real world and work on my career! Wait it gets better, my best friend will be by my side the whole time! Also we are taking a college trip to London! I just need to focus on my career, but I'm single and ready to mingle so if there is a guy I'm interested in I'll talk to him! Summer love right?


4. Before the date


Brooke's P.O.V.

I woke up it was 12 pm. dang did I really sleep in that late? i thought. I looked over on the other side of the wall and what I saw was Kate snorring like a grandpa. I giggled, but I giggled to loud cause Kate woke up.She hates it when you wake her up. "Uh-oh" i said "you better be worried" she said and glarred at me "what ever you don't scare me!" I said "oh really huh!" she replied "yup!" I crossed my hand as I stood up confidently. Kate jumped at me, almost looked like she was gonna attack me or something. I did a lil scream and fell back over on my soft bed "MHMMMMM I don't scare huh!" she laughed, I just rolled my eyes. We were having a starring contest untill I blinked when my phone beeped "I WON" kate cheered, I rolled my eyes again. I look at my phone it was from Louis." Hey babe, remeber we will come by at 2" he texted "how could I forget!;)" I texted back quickly.

Kate's P.O.V.

Of course I won again at the starring contest. I win all the time, IM THE CHAMP!! I thought to my self. I was interrupted by my thought when my phone went off. "HEY SWEET CHEEKS!" Harry texted " hey hot stuff ;)" I replied " it's about time you responded!" he said. I was confused so I went to my inbox, my mouth dropped to the floor. "48 MESSAGES!!" i shouted, Brooke gave me a confused look. "nothing" I said and she nodded and went back texting Louis. I texted back to Harry " I'm sorry I slept in this morning!" harry replied quickly " Its fine see ya soon!". I threw my phone on my on Brooke's bed to catch her attention. "hey!" she said "we need to get ready!" i said. We got up to our suit cases " Shit!" I said, Brooke looked up at me *like you just cursed* face. "Oh we are 18 we can say what ever we want!" I snapped " well then, but whats wrong?" she asked. " well I'm stupid enough and forgot to pack up a damn swimming suit!" I said. " well I need a new one anyways" she said. "well lets go shopping!!" I said and grabbed the keys.

Brooke's P.O.V.

" we are not going out in our p.j." I said Kate looked down and laughed " o ya I forgot!" she said "Ya!" I said while mocking her, she gave me a glare "remeber I scare you" she said and I rolled my eyes back at her. * 10 min. later* We hopped in the car and drove to Hollister. We looked at each other and laughed, we were matching we both had our hair up in messy buns, had on sweatpants, and a t shirt that said Shop To Drop. We turned on the radio and a song came on that we never heard in U.S.A., the lyrics were "Shut the door, turn the light off, I wanna be with you, i wanna feel your love, i wanna lay beside you, i cannot hide this even though i try, heart beats harder time escapes me, trembling hands touch skin, its makes this hard girl, and the tears sream down my face." I turned it up louder, I could tell it was a boy band but I never heard them before! The song went off and the speaker said "that was moments by One Direction!". "that was a good band!" we both said.

We finally arrived into Hollister the bikinis were so cute! but one caught my eye. I ran over to it and starred at it. I heard a giggle " You want that one?" said kate. "duh!" i said "well why are you standing there for go try it on!!" she said. I grabbed it and ran to the changing rooms. The bikini was bright pink and orange and it was sprakly around the outside of the bikini. I saw myself in the mirror with it on I looked so good in ti! I stepped out to show kate, she snapped her fingers " girlllll that is the one!!" she said with attitude, "thx" I said "Now its my turn to try on this bikini" she said while holding it up. Her bikini was sooo cute, It had a baby blue background with lime green dots. "well let me change out of this first" I said. I heard her sigh, i laughed and sticked out my tongue at her. I was out of the changing room waiting for Kate, I looked at my phone , are you kidding me i said to myself. The time was 1:30 and the boys were gonna pick us up at 2. Kate walked out the bikini fit her perfectly!! "Kate we have to go now its 1:30!" i said freaking out " Ok!!!" she said. It took her a second for her to change. We got up to the casheir and paid for our bikinis "have a good day" the guy said as we rushed out the door. We probably looked like idiots cause we were speed walking so fast it looked like we didn't know how to run right.

We got back to the hotel it was 1:41 "lets go!!" as we sprinted through the lobby and to the elevator. I was pressing the button so fast that when people walk by thought I was spazing out... Finally the the elevator open but so many people were in it but we had no choose but to squeeze in. I knew Kate didn't like being in tight spaces but we needed to do it. Kate leaned against all the floor buttons causing them to go to every floor and we were floor 18. "kate!" i whinned "what?" she said confused, I pointed to the buttons "SHIT!" she said. All the people in the elevator gave kate a dirty look and whispered "shhhhhhhhhhhhh" while covering up their kids ears. I giggled.

It seemed like 2 hours but it was 10 min. I look at the clock in the elevator it was 1:58 and we were on floor 14. I got a call from Louis we are here! he said happily!! "ummmm can you wait for 15 minutes please?" i asked " ya sure!" he said as I heard someone sigh in the background I assumed it was harry. "OK!!!!! see ya then!" i said as I pressed end call.

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