You're my Romeo and I'm your Juleit

I'm finally out! Finally out of high school! Now I can go out in the real world and work on my career! Wait it gets better, my best friend will be by my side the whole time! Also we are taking a college trip to London! I just need to focus on my career, but I'm single and ready to mingle so if there is a guy I'm interested in I'll talk to him! Summer love right?


1. The way to London

It was finally happening me and Kate were leaving U.S.A. to London for the whole summer! We have been planning this since we were kids! "Brooke, are you ready?" Kate asked "ya I'll be down in a minute!" I answered "well hurry we have to be there at 10" she said "ya ya I know" I replied.

I looked in the mirror one more time I was wearing a t shirt with blue and white strips and shorts with rips in them I also had some navy blue toms on. My long blonde hair was straight with a little white bow in my hair. I am really tall and skinny but i enjoy it! I walked down stairs " FINALLY!" Kate exclaimed "well good morning to you!" I snapped back we laughed.

Kate was wearing a pink sundress with white flats and a white short sleeve jacket. Her hair was dirty blonde it was pulled to a side ponytail. She was wearing diamond earrings she was tall but not tall as me she was also curving. We grab some poptarts and headed out the door with our suitcases.

We hop into the car and drove to the airport "LONDON HERE WE COME!" we said. When we pulled up to the airport we were shocked how crowded it was you couldn't walk without someone bumping into you.

We made it to the lady who led us to the plane "whoa that was crowded" Kate said "tell me about it but its worth it cause this summer will be fun!" I replied. "ugh" kate groaned while she handed me her phone "HE DIDN'T!" I said and texted her ex boyfriend back dear, james don't even bother asking my girlfriend a sencond chance cause she doesn't need you! now go cheat on another girl!

 I sent to him while i gave kate's phone back. Her mouth dropped open then smiled at me "you are welcome" I told her "psh" she replied. I was getting tired so i fell asleep on the plane.

" BROOKE, WAKE UP YOU LAZY BUTT. WE ARE HERE!" Kate said "5 more min. mom!" i replied "BROOKE I AM NOT YOUR MOM AND I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I WANT TO GET OFF THIS PLANE AND WALK THROUGH LONDON!" she said while shaking me "ok ok I'm up!! now lets go!" I perked up. I couldn't beleive it we actually made it!

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