Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


15. Waiting

Harry's Pov

I looked at the clock through sore eyes and seen it was almost 5 in the morning. We had been in this waiting room for four hours. How long could her surgery take?

I felt tears stinging my eyes and furiously tried to blink them away. I had promised myself two hours ago no more tears. It was a hard promise to keep though. I couldn't think of anything but Maddie. Her bright and shining ocean blue eyes, her glowing skin and innocent smile that showed off her dimples, especially her left, her warm hand around mine, her soft lips and sweet taste. 

I felt a single tear slip and roughly wiped it away, waking up Niall. 

"You alright, Harry?" he mumbles, taking his head off my shoulder. 

"No, Niall. I'm not." I answer quietly. 

"You really, truly, love this girl, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do." 

I feel Niall's head rest back on my shoulder, and rest mine on his head. I might as well try and get some sleep while I wait. 

I let my thoughts slowly drift to yesterday at the park, reliving each sweet moment I had with her and the boys. I giggled a little remembering how Niall ruled the playground with my fair lady at his side. 

I fall asleep with my cheek resting on Niall's blonde hair, reliving the hours we all spent talking in the park. 
I sat straight up and looked around quickly. Where was I? I seen white walls and a blue carpet with ten green chairs and a dark brown table filled with magazines. Zayn was sprawled out on the floor, resting his head on Liam's stomach, who was laying on his back with a pile of magazines used as a pillow and his feet propped up on a chair. 

I went to lift my arm, but was stopped by a sleeping Louis. He was leaning against my left side with my arm half wrapped around his waist. I looked to my right and seen Niall in almost the same position. I looked around one more time, still confused. Then everything came rushing back in one long painful memory. 

Seeing Maddie at the concert, bringing her back stage, picking her up at her house, playing on the play ground, talking in the park, going to get ice cream, learning about Ryan, watching her get hit, walking 5 hours in the rain to see her, watching Ryan stab her, going at Ryan, trying to kill him, then this, waking up. 

I was breathless and sweaty by the time the wave of memory faded a little.  Not a lot. Just enough to let me think rationally. 

I glanced at the clock and seen it was a little pass noon. Is she out of surgery yet? Is she ok? I have to see her. 

I began to gently pull my arm away from Lou, trying unsuccessfully not to wake him up. 

"Sorry, Lou." I whispered as he sat up straight. 
He pushed his damp hair out of face and stretched a bit before answering. 

"Don't worry about it. It was time I got my lazy ass up anyway. Have you heard about Maddie?" 

I shake my head as I pull my other arm away from Niall, being extra careful not to wake him up like I did earlier. 

"I'm going to go ask a doctor about her. Do you want to come?" 

I stand up and stretch, feeling my sore muscles protest every movement I make. 

"Of course I want to come. Niall didn't lie when he said we all cared about her Harry. We want her to be ok to." 

I take in the words he says. Could they really care about her? They've only known her a day, could she have really grown on them that fast? Well, why not? I fell for her in a day. Hell, I fell for her the first time I saw her. There was just something different about her compared to other girls. 

I hear shuffling and snap out of my thoughts to see Zayn standing at the doorway, staring sleepily at us. 

"Let's go see Maddie." he says through a yawn. 

I glance at Louis nervously. What if we can't go see her? What if the doctors couldn't save her? 

Our silence seems to knock all the tiredness out of Zayn. 

"What?" he asks us, his eyes looking more alert. 

I look at Louis again. I can't tell him were not sure if we can. I can hardly think the words, let alone speak them! I guess Lou picks up on my inability to speak and answers for me. 

"Were not sure if she's ok, Zayn." 

Hearing the words out loud brings a fresh new batch of tears. Why did this have to happen to her! She's such a sweet, innocent girl! 

I feel the tears slide down my cheeks and let out a sob, waking up Liam and Niall. 

"Please let her be ok. Don't let her be dead. Please."

I mentally beg who ever will listen to let my girl be okay. 

I hear footsteps behind me and turn to see Liam. 

"Have you talked to the doctors yet?" his voice trembles and I can tell he's close to tears. 

I shake my head and wipe my cheeks. 

"No, we haven't. We were just about to go ask about her." 

"Well, what are we all standing around for!?" Niall yells, pushing me and Liam toward the door. I watch all four of the boys walk out but I just stand at the doorway. 

The realization of the situation finally hit me. I may never see her again. Never hear her laugh, or her unique voice, which is some how soft yet in your face at the same time. Never feel her smooth hand entwined with mine, or her soft lips and gentle kiss again. Never see her blue eyes light up everytime she looks at me. It finally sets in. 

I feel my heart collapse in my chest and grab onto the closest hand so I don't fall over. 

"No.. I can't.." it's barley a whisper as I choke the words out. 

"What do you mean you can't? You've got to go see your girl, Harry. She'll be waiting for you." I hear Liam answer but don't look up. 

"What if she's not there, Liam?" I'm not sure if I just thought it or if the words actually pass my lips. All I know is Liam asks what I said and I lose control. 


I scream at him, through my sobs. 


I was cut off mid sentence by Louis. 

"If we hadn't dragged you out of that room, he would of killed you Harry. Then he would of killed her." 

I make out Louis through my blurred vision and see that he's telling the truth. I bury my face in my hands and let the sobs come, not fighting them. I feel arms wrap around me and I lean my head into their chest. 

I don't know how long I cried before I was able to finally pull myself together. I let the last of the tears fall into who ever was holding me's, chest. My eyes flick up to see who ever it was and I'm surprised to see Zayn. I mumble a thanks and head out the door, heart beating faster than it ever had before. 

I hardly hear the boys footsteps behind me as I practically run down the hallway, not paying attention to my surroundings. I see a light brown desk and run up to it, with the boys shortly behind me. 

The woman sitting behind the desk turns to us and I can see that she's in her late fifties. Her almost gray hair is pulled back into a tight pony-tail and it doesn't look like she's wearing make up. 

"Hi! Can I help you boys?" she asks in an overly cheery voice. I glance at her name tag and see her name is Marilyn. 

"My girlfriend was hit by a car last night then stabbed by her psycho step-dad. Last time I seen her she was off to surgery and we've all kinda been sleeping. Is she ok? Is she out of surgery?" 

I see Marilyn's face turn soft as she listens to me. I hold my breath waiting for her answer and get a knot in my stomach. I don't dare tare my eyes away from her dark brown ones as she answers. 

"I was waiting for someone to come looking for her. She's a pretty girl. Shame her step dad was so... Out of it." 

Zayn lost his patience quicker than all of us and interrupted Marilyn. 

"Is she ok or not!? Please just tell us." 

I watch Marilyn laugh as a smile creeps onto her face. 

"Okay, okay. She's in room 126. She's alive and well, recovering from her surgery. She's asked about a boy named Harry. Shes been waiting for him." she says the last part softly. 

I feel the corners of my mouth turn up. Maddie's alive. She's alive! And waiting for me! I recover from the shock and turn toward the boys, feeling my heart swell. 

"She's alive!" I shout at no one in particular. I laugh a little and take off down a hall way. I have to go see her!

"Wrong hallway, Haz!" I hear Niall yell behind me. I try to turn around but slip. I hear the boys laugh, but I'm up in a second running down the other hallway. 

I look for room 126 and finally find it. As I open the door, my insides feel warm and happy. I'm about to see her, healthy and alive. Right now, I couldn't ask for more. 
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