Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


8. Something Wrong

Harry's Pov 

I roll over in my warm bed and see Liam staring at me. "Good morning sunshine!" he says brightly, sitting up. I roll back around and try and pull the covers over my head, but Lou comes over and yanks them back off.

 I groan, "It's to early to be up." "What are you talking about? It's almost eleven thirty Haz." Niall says, while munching on a piece of toast. Eleven thirty!? I have to meet Maddie in a half hour! I jump out of bed and look around frantically. "Why didn't you guys wake me up sooner!  We have to go get Maddie in a half hour!" I yell. "Well you better go shower!" Lou yells back. 

I sprint around the corner into the bathroom and look at the shower. It had six different knobs on it and a touch screen. "How the hell do you work this!?" I shout out the door. I turn a few knobs and manage to get it running before Liam comes in. "Watch out, mate." he says as he pushes me back. 

I watch him hit a few buttons and turn a knob and see the showers working and warm. "Thanks", I mumble, shoving him out the door. I quickly scrub my body and hair and attempt to turn the shower off. I give up after a jet turned on and soaked me after I had dried off. 

I run out of the bathroom, dripping water, with a wet towel and see Zayn's still sleeping. I walk over to bed, hop on it, and start to jump right next to him. "Get up you lazy sack of poo!" I yell. He calls me a not so nice name and pushes me off the bed. "Get him up!" I tell the other lads as I jog into my room. 

I rip off the towel and throw on a pair of briefs. I find my favorite pair of jeans laying on the floor and slip those on along with a white t-shirt and green, blue, and white plaid pull over. I run back out of the and see Zayn's still not up. I stomp over to the bed and sigh. What does it take to get this boy up? An idea dawns on me and I tell Niall to bring me a big glass of cold water. He walks over and hands it to me cautiously. "What are you doing with this?" he asks. "You'll see." I say with an evil grin. I hop on the bed and straddle Zayn. I slowly raise the glass of water above his head and dump it all over him. 

He screams, then sits up startled. "Rise and shine!" I shout, hopping off him. He groans then reluctantly gets out of bed. I don't pay attention to him anymore and run into the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. 

I finish that, then look in the mirror and smile. I walk into the kitchen and look at Lou. "Do I look okay?" he looks me over twice, then walks around me. "I don't know Hazza. Are you planing on wearing shoes?" I look down and see my bare feet. I hit my head with my hand and sigh. I run into my room again and put on a pair of black socks and gray vans. 

I run back at and look at Lou questioningly. I see him nod and know I have his approval. I clap my hands together, "Ok , well, we have to leave. Is everyone ready?" I ask. Everyone nods and we head out. 
We get to Maddie's house at one thirty and I can't help but feel horrible for being so late. I hop out of our van and walk up to the front door. I see a door bell and try it. *ding! Ding! Ding!* a big man in his mid forties answers the door. "who the hell are you?" he asks gruffly. "I'm here to pick up Maddie?" it comes out more of a question than a statement. He nods his head then shuts the door. "Maddie! Get down here! Your leaving!" I can hear him shout through the door. I turn back to van and see the lads looking at me. I shrug and turn back around. 

I hear the man faintly shout through the door, but can't make out what hes saying. What are they doing in there? Why is he yelling at Maddie? I try and get closer to hear what he says, but the door opens quickly. I step back and see the man at the door. "I want her back at nine." I nod, and look behind him and see Maddie. She looks at me and quickly wipes her eyes. Why is she crying? The man steps out of the way and I see Maddie walking toward me. I can't help but stare. 

She looks stunning. She has on a fitted, strapless, peach colored, summer dress that stops at about mid-thigh. White, strapped, aztec sandals and a white cardigan. He hairs up in a ponytail, with endless, blonde curls coming out, and her bangs hang free. 

I stop short when I seen her face. Her left eye had a faint black circle around it. I could tell she tried to cover up, but she couldn't quite get it all the way. I looked at her concerned, as she walked out the door. I took her hand, then heard the door slam. I felt her grip tighten, and seen her tense up and flinch. "Are you alright, love? You seem a bit..tense." I ask her as we walk toward the car. 

She looked at all the boys, then at me. "Uhm..I'm okay." she replied hesitantly. Something was wrong. I could tell. With all the yelling, the bruise on her face, and the flinching, something was definitely wrong. I didn't want to pry her for answers so I just said ok. 

I help her into the van and sat next to her in the back seat. "So, are we going to pick Kath up?" I ask. "Oh! Crap! I forgot to tell you! She can't make it. She got grounded last night." she said with an  adorable giggle. "Oh, okay. So," I said, looking at boys. "What do you all want to do today?" 

Louis whipped his head around and stared at me in shock. "Let the lady choose, Harold! Don't you have any manners at all?" I heard Maddie laugh and I sighed, turning toward her. "What would you like to do today?" I ask, shooting Lou a 'satisfied?' look. "I don't know. There's a nice park downtown, with stores and stuff. We could hang out at the park till we get bored then go look at the shops?" she asks, sounding a bit nervous. All the lads agreed and we headed toward down town.  

The hour drive seemed endless and awkward until Liam suggested we play the question game. "Yeah, that sounds fun. Who wants to go first?" Liam's hand shot up, but Niall started to ask his question.

 He turned toward Maddie, "First question. What's your favorite food?" She put a hand up to her face and after thinking a minute, threw them up in the air. "That's an impossible question, Niall! There's just to many good foods!" she cried. 

Niall looked at me and grabbed my knee. "Don't let her go, Haz. She's a keeper." he said in all seriousness. I laughed along with everybody else at Niall's advice. 

The question game made the car ride seem short. We pulled into town and I was surprised. Within the short hour, I had learned that Maddie's favorite color is crimson, she has a fear of bathrooms with no lights, loves the smell of aloe, and likes to draw. 

I also learned that Liam has an odd fear of spoons, Zayn would date himself if he could, Niall's man-crush on Justin Beiber is bigger then we thought it was, and that Louis is a momma's boy. 

I feel the van stop and look out the window to see a huge park, complete with a big grassy area, a fountain, and a playground! Oh, were we going to have fun. 
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