Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


25. *Not a Chapter*

Hey, guys! In that last chapter, no hate was ment toward Perrie. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Little Mix and Perrie herself. I think her and Zayn make an amazing couple, and I know she would never do something like that in real life. It's just something to make the story more readable. Absolutely no hate toward Perrie! Just wanted to make sure that was known!


P.S. A huge thank you to every one of you that have taken the time to read this and to every one who's liked, favorited, and commented! Means the world to me! Love you guys!
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