Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


19. Nightmares

Maddie's Pov 

"When are you going to wake her up, Harry? We've got to get her packed and stuff for tomorrow." 

Liam's voice slowly wakes me from my nap. He's not exactly whispering. I keep my eyes closed hoping to drift back off, but Harry's voice knocks the sleepiness out of me. 

"Don't know, mate. I was just gonna let her sleep. She hasn't slept a full night since... You know.." 

My ears perk up the moment Harry brings up my problems sleeping. I have the same nightmare every night. 

It starts off with a crack of thunder and a flash of lightening, which illuminates an empty room in my house. Everything's dark and I can hear my mom screaming my name for help. I stand up and another bolt of lightening flashes, showing Ryan at the doorway with an evil grin and a bloody knife. He has Michael by the hair and a scarlet smile stretches across my brothers neck. I scream Michael's name as I drop to my knees in a now black room. Thunder cracks, mixing with the heavy footsteps coming toward me. I stand up and try to run away, but collide with something laying on the floor, slipping on something thick and warm. Lightening fills the room and lights up Harry's dead body. I'm coated in his blood, being that's what I slipped and fell in. I break down in sobs and back up against the wall, still listening to my mom scream my name. I beg for her to come help me as the lightening flashes one last time. Ryan's standing right in front of me, with the dripping knife. I ask what I did to him through the sobs and he whispers, "Everything." just like he did in the room. He raises the knife and that's when I wake up screaming. 

I wake up in hysteria, screaming in panic and crying. I look around and always see Harry right next to me. He pulls me close and whispers to me until I'm calmed down enough to breath normally. He lays with me and holds me till I stop crying. I place my head on his shoulder and shut my eyes again, and he starts to sing. Every night  I fall asleep listening to his deep, smooth, voice. 

"Why hasn't she slept?" 

Harry sighs and gently puts his hand on mine, our skin barley touching. 

"Nightmares. Every night she wakes up screaming and scared as hell. It takes me an hour to calm her down enough for her to lay back down. I end up singing her back to sleep. It's hard to see her like that, mate. I've had less sleep than her. I'm worried about her, Liam." 

I didn't even think about how my nightmares affect Harry. It's got to be horrible for him. And if he's not sleeping I'll have to learn to deal with the nightmares with out him. It's not fair to him. With out even thinking I sigh, and immediately tense up. Why did I do that!? Now they're gonna know I'm awake. 

I peek open my eyes and see Harry staring at me with an eye brow raised and Liam looking amused. Oh hell, what do I do? 

I stretch my arms out as far as my body will let me and fake a yawn. 

"Hey, guys! How long have you been in here?" 

Harry glances at Liam and gives a small smile. 

"We've only been in here a few minutes. How was your nap, love?" 

Oh my God. He bought it! He actually believes I just woke up. I suppress a smile and answer, my voice cracking. 

"It was, uhm, good. Uh, refreshing.." 

He nods and clears his throat. 

"Uh-huh. And how long have you been awake?" 

Damn. I though I had him. I sit up and groan.  

"Long enough to know I keep you up at night. I don't mean to.."  

He closes his eyes and leans his head back, sighing. He glances to Liam, who nods and heads out, leaving Harry and I alone. 

He walks over to the bed and plops next to me. I feel the pain shoot up my side and bite my lip, trying not to show Harry how much it hurt. I hate being this fragile. Everything hurts and every body's way to damn careful around me. 

Thankfully Harry didn't notice. I'm sitting with my legs crossed on the front of the bed and he's sprawled out on the rest of the bed, legs hanging off the side. I search his eyes for a hint of whats going through his mind right now. He's usually pretty bad at hiding what he's thinking or how he feels. 

Except for right now. Ugh.  I tuck a strand of hair that's fallen out of ponytail, behind my ear and look at my hands. I pick at my nails for what feels like forever, trying to figure out what he's thinking. 

After minutes of just sitting in silence, I feel like I'm going to go crazy. Why won't he say something! I grab his hand and break the silence. 

"It's not fair to you that I wake you up every night and that you have to calm me down and sing to me and then you still don't sleep because your still worried about me." 

He sighs again and sits up, locking eyes with me. 

"And it's not fair that your mum died and your brother left you, leaving you with Ryan. It's not fair he abused you for a year and a half. It's not fair you were almost killed twice in one day. You somehow managed to survive all that and still be mine. And if the price of you being mine is getting up with you every night for the rest of my life, then I say I got off pretty easy." 

A warm feeling spreads through my body and my mouth turns up into a small smile. 

"I love you, Harry Styles." 

I whisper the words before I press my lips to his. It's a soft, gently kiss, unlike the one earlier, full of innocence and love. He breaks the kiss to soon and pulls me toward him. 

"I love you too." 

I sigh and rest my head on his chest. I'm so lucky. Harry could have any choice of girls and he picks me, an average looking girl from a small town whose frightful past just recently turned into her past. Now, all I have to worry about is being happy with the boy I love. 

"We have to get up soon. If your not packed for home everyone will have a fit" he mutters. 

Home? My home is a small, white house with red shutters. My home is a town where everybody knows everybody, and petty drama runs the town. My home is farms and corn fields, FFA and football, mudbogs and bonfires. 

"What do you mean, if I'm not packed for home?"

I pull back a little so I can see his face. His eye brows are pushed together and the tip of his tongue sits in-between his lips. I decided last week to call this his thinking face. He does this almost every time I ask him a serious question. 

"The boys and I get the rest of the summer off. We're all heading back home. Lou's going to Doncaster with El, Zayn's going to see Perrie and try and figure out what the hells going on with them. Niall and Liam are heading home to. I thought maybe you'd want to come meet my mom and Gemma back in Cheshire.."   

He trails off at the end looking at the floor. Meet his mom and Gemma? My heart starts beating faster at the thought. What if they don't like me? If Harry's mom and sister don't like me, then what will happen? 

"What if they don't like me?" 

I'm a little breathless as he laughs. 

"It's not funny! Im serious!" 

I yell at him, slapping his arm. His face scrunches as he continues to laugh. 

"Ow! Don't hit me!" 

"Don't laugh at me!" 

"I'm not laughing at you! I'm laughing because you think my mum and Gemma aren't going to like you!"

Harrys Pov 

Why is so scared of my mum and Gemma? They're going to love her! 

"That's still laugh-"

I cut her in the middle if her sentence and push my lips to hers to shut her up. Her hands find their way to my hair and I smile, pulling back. She crosses her arms and pouts. 

"Why'd you pull back? I wasn't done." 

I can't help but laugh as I answer get question. 

"I had to get you to stop talking some how. Anyway, I've told my mum and Gemma all about you and they're really excited to meet you. Trust me babe, they'll love you." 

I peck her lips one last time before I gently pull her off the bed. 

"We have to get to your house to get your clothes together and stuff." 

She bites her lips and nods, grabbing my hand. 

"Let's go" she whispers, pulling me out the door. 

After telling the boys we were leaving and driving to her house, I end up on her bed, watching her pack her clothes. Shes cleaning out the top drawer of her dresser, which so far looks like where she keeps her bras and panties. She pulls out a pair of black, see through lace, panties and I feel a smile creep onto my face. 

"You wanna try those on for me?"

She turns around and glares at me. 

"No, I do not want to try these on for you! Well, at least not yet." 

She bites her lip and states at me for a minute before she continues to pack. 

She wants me. I know she does. We can't do to much though. The doctor told her no sex or anything to stimulating for six weeks while her ribs heal. I close my eyes and imagine her body, the parts I haven't seen. 

I don't know how long I let myself fantasize about her when the sound of the door being flung open snaps me back to reality. I jump up and see Maddie with one arm wrapped around her head, and the other around her scar. She visibly shakes as she mutters words I can't understand. 

I take two steps toward her and then commanded to stop by a familiar voice. I groan, not wanting to deal with Kath right now. She came to see Maddie in the hospital a lot and made sure everybody, including me, knew she doesn't like me. 

"What do you want, Kath?"

"I want to know why the fuck my best friend has her shit packed!" 

I ignore her earlier attempt to stop me from going to comfort Maddie, and walk the rest of the three steps it takes to get to her side. Her hands off her head now, but her still shaking hands hold her scar and her eyes are squeezed shut. 

My heart breaks a little at the sight of her like this. There's not much I can do. Every time a door slams, she fades into a world of haunted memories and harsh realities. The most I can do is hold her and wait until she's ok again. I wouldn't have to worry about her if her 'best-friend' was more careful around her. She knows door slams scare the hell out of her but she makes no attempt to stop slamming doors. Ugh. I just don't like the girl. 

"Are you going to answer my question?" 

Is that really what she's worried about right now? Her best friend is having some sort of flashback memory journey thing, and she's worried about an answer. I don't try and hide my annoyance with her as I answer. 

"If you have to know this exact second, she's packing her stuff to head home with me." 

Her faces goes from shocked to pissed and I can't help but smile at her reaction. 

"What the hell do you mean 'head home with me'?!"

I let myself laugh a little. This really pisses her off. 

"Exactly what I said. She's coming to Cheshire with me to meet my mum and sister." 

"No. No she's not. I won't let her!" Kaths now shouting in my face. 

"You can't stop her!" I shout back. 

"You wanna bet?! She can't leave me!" 

"Yes she can! And she will!"

"No! You stupid fu-"

"Stop! Both of you!" 

Maddie steps in between us and screams on the top of her lungs. She pushes me back on the bed softly and sighs, turning toward Katherine. 

Kath crosses her arms a stares daggers at Maddie. But Maddie isn't doing anything wrong! I let out an annoyed grunt and lay back, closing my eyes. 

"Are you really leaving everything behind to go live with him?" 

She says him like I'm the most disgusting  thing to have ever lived. What is her problem with me? With our opening my eyes I lift my arm up and flip her off. Then hear Maddie sigh. 

"Harry, stop. Your not making this easy." 

What does she mean? Why would this be hard at all? I sit up and grab her hand. 

"What do you mean?" 

She looks at Kath with pleading eyes and I watch Kath walk out of the room, shooting me a look right before she leaves. Bitch. 

"I.. Don't really know how to explain it. What happens after I meet your mom and Gemma? We've already talked about me moving in with you, but I wasn't.. Expecting to leave this soon." 

I'm still confused. 

"Why is it a big deal to leave a few weeks early?" 

She slides down next to me on the bed. I search her eyes to try and find out what's going on in her mind. Her eyes are tense and face is scrunched. 

"Everything I've ever known is in this town, Harry. It's a lot to say good bye to. I'm not just saying goodbye to my friends and stuff, I'm also saying good bye to my mom and Michael." 

A sparkling drop of water runs down her cheek.

"When I leave, I'm giving up all hope of ever seeing my brother again. He won't know where to find me, or contact me. And I don't want to say good bye to him Harry. I miss him.." 

She chokes on the last part, releasing a sob. She doesn't talk about her mum and brother a lot, so I hardly know anything about them. All I know is whenever she talk about him, she lures up. She visibly glows when she talks about Michael. What he did to her by leaving her, makes it hard for me to like the guy. But I know he had a good reason. 

I pull her in my arms and rub small circles on her back, letting her cry her self out. 
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