Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


16. It's Official

Maddie's Pov 

I glance up at the clock and see its a little past noon. I felt myself sigh, then immediately regret it. My stomach screams in pain as the deep breath of air came in. Damn Ryan for doing this me. 

I heard the door click open and forgot about my stomach. My heart beat rose and I grabbed the blanket.

Oh please let it be Harry! Please, please, please! 

I let go of the blanket and feel my heart shrink into my chest out of disappointment, as I watched my nurse Marilyn walk in. 

I felt tear sting my eyes, but quickly try to push them away. I've done enough crying in the past twenty four hours. 

I watch Marilyn walk over to me and gently wipe a single tear off my cheek. 

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I'm not who you wanted to see, am I?"

I shook my head, being careful not to move any part of my body. I look up at Marilyn and can't help but notice how much she reminds me of my grandma. Her soft brown eyes, gray hair pulled back, and gentle, caring voice all pull me back to a time when Gram still talked to me. She stopped after the accident. 

"I'm glad to see you though, Marilyn. I've just been waiting, well hoping pretty much, that a certain boy will come see me." 

The words come out horse, filled with disappointment and a little bit of hope. Hope that Marilyn will say that Harry stopped by, or he's out in the waiting room. 

All hope goes away when I see her face turn from gentle to full of pity. She reaches her hand out and softly places it on mine. 

"I'm sorry, honey. No boys have come. But if you mean anything at all to this young man, Harry is it? He'll be here, sweetie." 

She squeezes my hand and gives me a sad smile. I feel my heart sink deeper in my chest as I force a smile back. She hops up, checks my vitals, then leaves me to my thoughts. 

I close my eyes and let Marilyn's statement soak in.  'if you mean anything to this young man, he'll be here.' Harry told me he loved me, not even a day ago. Could his feelings changed that quickly? I know I still love him, if I didn't I wouldn't jump every time that damn door clicks open. 

If he loves me, why isn't he here then? Unless he doesn't love me. The thought sends my mind spinning and I'm left feeling dizzy again. 

Why would he say he loves me then? He doesn't seem like the type to do that. 

I'm thrown out of my thoughts by the click of the door. I figure it's Marilyn and don't bother opening my eyes. 

"What'd you forget this time Marilyn?" I ask into space, my voice still rough. 

When she doesn't answer I figure she didn't hear me, or didn't bother to answer, and has already left. I sigh loudly and immediately regret it again. I need to stop doing that. 

I let my thoughts drift back to Harry and start to think out loud. 

"Why aren't you hear? Damn you Harry Styles. Damn you for making me love you.." 

"You shouldn't curse my name, love." 

I nearly jump out of my skin at the sound of his voice. My heart beats faster as I tare open my eyes and see Harry staring back at me.  

My heart swells and I can feel the smile on my face. My eyes dart from his damp curls, to his glowing smile, to his swollen, shining eyes as I try to take it all in. 

"Your here.." I whisper breathlessly, still smiling like an idiot. 

I feel his hand find mine as he slides his fingers in-between mine. The warmth of his hand travels throughout my body. 

"You didn't honestly think I wouldn't be here, did you?" his smile fades and his eye brows come together as he tensely asks the question. 

I drop my gaze and examine the floor. 

"I didn't know. I really wanted to believe you would, but as it got later I started to give up hope. But none of that matters, your here now." 

I lean in close to him, still being careful not to move the right side of my body, and touch my lips against his. 

I instantly feel his warm breath mixing with mine, as his taste fills my mouth. I part my lips a little as he manages to work his tongue into my mouth. I feel him open my mouth wider as my body tingles from the electrifying kiss.  

"Hey Zayn, look! I guess her mouth isn't injured!" I hear Niall shout. 

I pull away from Harry quickly, and feel a little dizzy. I unsuccessfully try and hide it. 

"You alright? You look a bit..ill" Harry whispers in my ear before pulling away and laughing. I feel my face turn red as I see the boys. 

I can't help but feel overwhelming happy at the sight of my four boys. I know they care about me almost as much as Harry does. If they didn't, they wouldn't be here. 

"Hey, guys!" 

I try to shout it, but both my stomach and voice fight it. It comes out more of a kind of loud, horse, half-shout. 

"Maddie! You have no idea how good it is to see you!" Liam's the first person to speak up as he walks toward me. 

"We were so worried about you! Harry hasn't stopped crying, I mean, none of us have!" 

Liam bends down and gently tries to hug  me. My ribs scream in protest, but I suck it up and hug back, hearing Niall, who follows Liam. Lucky for me, he settles for a kiss on the cheek. 

Zayn comes up to me next and just whispers he's glad I'm ok, then swiftly kisses my cheek. 

"Carrot! You have no idea how glad we are your ok!" Louis screams it and I laugh, kissing him on the cheek. I sit around for a minute and admire my boys. Harrys sitting in a chair next to me with our hands glued together and Zayn and Liam are in the other two chairs on the other side of the room. Niall's sitting on the handles of Zayn and Liam's chairs with his back against wall and Louis's in the corner of the room, nearly jumping out of, what I assume is excitement. 

I look a Lou and realize that every time he addresses me, he calls me carrot. 

"Lou!" I try to yell, but again feel protests in my stomach. I lean down to Harry and whisper in his ear, "Don't let me try and shout anymore, ok? It kills my stomach right now." he looks at me concerned, so I smile at him letting him know I'm ok. 

Louis's at the end of my bed now, drumming his hands on the rail. 

"Whatta need, love?" 

I feel all the boys eyes on me as I answer. 

"How come you call me carrot?" I ask, genuinely curious. 

"That's easy. You remind me of a carrot" he answers simply. 

I look at Niall and watch him laugh, along with Harry and Liam. I even hear Zayn give a small laugh. 

"I... Remind you of a carrot?" I ask the question slowly, unsure on if I want to hear the answer or not. 

"Please, Lou. Explain to us all how she reminds of you a carrot." Niall barley manages to get the words out as another wave of laughter hits him. 

"Well, you all know I like carrots", we all nod along with Lou. 

"And I like her. She fun to hang out with and is Harry's girlfriend. So she's like a carrot." 

Did he just say I'm Harry's girlfriend? I look at Harry. 

"Girlfriend?" i ask, trying to hold back a smile. 

I watch his face turn red, as he looks away. 

I hear Zayn and turn to look at him. 

"When we were looking for you, he called you his girlfriend to the lady out front." 

I turn back towards Harry, who has a sheepish grin on his face. 

"Sorry, it just kind of slipped out and I wasn't really thinking about what to call you an-" 

I push my lips onto his to shut him up. I pull away and smile at him. 

"I like it. I think it has a certain ring to it." 

His eyes light up and a cheeky grin appears on his face. 

"I'm glad you like it, you'll have the label for a looong time." 

I touch my lips to his one last time, as the boys cheer in the back ground. 

"It's official!"

"Aww! I remember the moment Danielle and I became a couple.."

"Yayy! There together! Now I can tell El all about her!" 

I didn't hear Niall, so I glance over and see him pressed up against the wall, fast asleep. I signal the boys to quiet down and point at Niall. They understand and decided to nap to. 

Watching the boys drift off makes me extremely tired. I start to yawn, then stop, feeling the sharp pain in my right side. That's gonna take some getting used to. 

I turn toward Harry to tell him I'm gonna nap to, but see he's already asleep. His head against my bed, still holding my hand. 

I stare at him and notice how young he looks when he sleeps. And how beautiful. His face is relaxed and his lips are turned up into a small smile. He looks just like a child. I smile to myself knowing that he loves me and I'm his. 

I don't know how long I stared at him before my heavy lids shut, letting me drift off. 
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