Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


32. Good-Bye

Maddie's Pov 

"Kath, run into the bathroom and grab my razor, my toothbrush, and all my make up and hair products. That's shits expensive, I'm not leaving it here." 

She nods her head and laughs, trotting off to the bathroom with a duffel bag. 

"Put my toothbrush in a separate bag!" I yell after her. 

I'm gonna need to use that before we leave and when we land. 

I grab the last photo off my dresser and lightly run my hand over the picture of my mom and dad. They were both young, in their early twenties, and looked so beautiful together as a couple. 

I really hate that I never got to know my dad. When my mom would talk about him, she would describe him as such a hero. I looked up to my father for the longest time, before I found the reasons he left us. 

After that, he was dead to me. No longer my idol, or hero, or anybody I should look up to. It crushed me knowing my father left us to start a new life with a hooker. 

I gently place the photo under the pile of clothes in my suitcase, and zip it shut, glancing around my now empty room. Everything is packed up and ready to go. 

I drag my over stuffed suit case out of my room and shut my door, taking one last glance at it. I'm going to miss it here. 

I slowly make my way down the hallway, remembering all the good, and bad, times I had here. Michael and would sit up in the hallway and play dinosaurs for hours, and this is where my mom taught me to paint. 

"Shh, don't tell daddy I'm letting you paint on the wall. It's our little secret, ok honey?" 

I run my fingers along the faint paint lines, seeing the ghost of her and I painting the wall when I was four. 

My finger hits an indent and another memory floods back. 

"You are in so much trouble, Mikey!" 

"Shut-up Maddie! Your the one who missed the rock!" 

"Yeah! Only cause you threw so hard, stupid head!" 

"Why is your brother a stupid head?" 

"Cause he threw a rock at the wall mom!" 

"But it was your idea, Maddie!" 

"Was not!" 

"Was to!" 

"Shush! Both of you! Well put a table in front of it, so Ryan doesn't see, then go get ice cream, Kay?" 

I smile, remembering watching my mom bring up a small table from her room and positioning it so you couldn't see the indent. 

I make it to the bathroom, and nearly run into a teary eyed Kath. 

"I, uhm, got your stuff." 

She hands over my bag, and refuses to look at me. This is killing her, watching me leave our whole future behind. 

"Just because I'm leaving doesn't mean our friendship is over, Kath" I say gently. 

She slides against the wall down to the floor and runs her hand through her hair. 

"I know, but it won't be the same. I'll never get to see you and well hardly ever talk." 

I sit with my back pressed against the wall opposite to her and fiddle with my hands. She's rights. It won't be the same. No more hangin out after school, or late night walks to the gas station up the street. No more spending hours in the park talking or pointless Wal-Mart trips. 

"I'll call you everyday and well Skype at least three times a week" I promise her. 

We stand up at the same time and wrap our arms around each other, both of us ugly crying. 

"Pr-promise me you-you'll have an amazing life in En-England" she sobs. 

I nod my head clutching onto her shirt. 

"I promise! Promise m-me you'll c-come out during spring and s-summer break to v-visit!" 

"I promise." 

We hold each other and cry until I feel a tap on my shoulder. We break the hug and both laugh at Harry, who's awkwardly standing at the end of the stairs, eyes on the floor, with his hands shoved in his pockets. 

"It's, ehm, 4:00 and we need to get going.. I'm sorry to interrupt your good bye." 

Kath wipes her eyes and marches over to Harry, wrapping her arms around him. He looks surprised at first, but relaxes when Kath whispers something in his ear. Wonder what they're talking about. 

I grab my suitcase and duffle bag and shoo Harry and Kath down the stairs and outside to the drive way, where Harry throws my stuff in the back of the cab. 

"I had someone take care of our stuff at the hotel. It'll be in baggage claim when we get land." 

I nod my head and watch him slide into the cab, leaving Kath and I alone for a moment. 

We stand staring at each other, smiling like idiots, both remembering all the good times we had. I finally walk over and give her one last hug. 

"I'll call you as soon as I land" I tell her as I break away. 

She nods her head, biting her lip and shoves me toward the taxi. 

"Go start your new life with Harry fucking Styles" she shouts at me with a laugh. 

I laugh and tell her I will, waving and climbing into the cab. 

My hearts heavy as I hear Harry tell the driver to go to the air port. He starts the car, and I watch my old life roll away. My house, my mom, my brother, my friends, my sports, my school, Ryan, it's all in the past now. 

I mutter one last good bye to everything under my breath and turn away from my distant home. Harry pulls me toward him, and holds me. Not pushing me to talk about anything, but just holds me the whole way to the air port. 

We finally arrive and Harry gives the guy a hundred, and tells him to keep the change. We meet up with Paul who sneaks us in the back away from the fans, and escorts us all the way through security and on to the plane. 

I refused to let Harry buy me a first class ticket, so he settled for buying two coach tickets, right next to each other. We place our bags in the compartment, and settle into our seats. He takes the window and I take the middle seat. 

I anxiously stare at the clock, waiting to see when take off is. Only five more minuets. God, I hate flying. So much. I'm hand in hand with Harry, but he's already almost asleep. No need to wake him. 

I hear the captain say final passengers have just boarded and watch what looks like a group of high school boys pile on the plane, along with a red headed girl. 

Three boys with varsity jackets sit in front of us, and the red headed girl walks up to the empty seat next to me. 

"Is this seat 36C?" 

I nod my head and she sighs with relief, throwing her stuff up in the compartment. 

"I was worried I'd have to sit by the boys or with some old weird people." 

I laugh a little and get a good look at the girl. Bright red hair, but done so it looked good, piercing blue eyes, not a twig, but a healthy size. She's a very pretty girl. 

"I'm Brianna, by the way" she says, pulling either an iPhone or iPod out of her purse. 

"I'm Maddie, and this is Harry." 

She looks across me at a sleeping Harry and seems to get a little star struck. 

"Is that..?" 


"And your..?"

"Yes. That's Harry Styles and I'm his girl friend." 

She takes in a deep breath and composes her self, shoving a headphone in her ear. 

"Oh. Ok. Cool." 

I can't help but smile at her attempt to act normal. I wouldn't of. She puts in her other head phone and turns on her music. 

I feel the engine of the plane start up, and glance out side one last time. 

Good-bye Michigan life. You will be missed. I glance at Harry and know I'm making the right choice. I'd never want to be with out him, and I'd that means moving to England, so be it. 

"Hello new life." 
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