Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


22. "Fans"

Maddie's Pov 

Harry gently shuts the door behind us as we walk out, seeing El and Lou at the other end of the hallway. 



He lets go of my hand sprints down the hallway, meeting Lou halfway. They tackle each other in a big bear hug thing and I laugh, looking up at El. She's laughing to and walking toward them. 

I glance back at Lou and Haz still on the floor and smile. They really are just the cutest bromance ever. 

"You guys done with your make out session yet?" El jokes at the boys. She walks over to me and I start to get nervous. I've only talked to her once and she's still one of the greatest role models for directioners and a legand. 

Lou pops his head up, looking flustered, and stares at El. 

"Not yet! Why? Are getting jealous of little old Haz?"

He ducks his head back down and we both crack up. She leans against the wall next to me and runs her hand through her gorgeous hair. 

"So, what are you and Harry up to today?" 

My heart skips a beat at her voice. She's talking to me! I open my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. Speak, Maddie, speak! I search in my head for the words and finally manage to choke out an answer, my voice sounding a lot more confident then I feel. 

"We've got to head back to my house to grab a few things then were catching a 5:15 flight to Cheshire. How about you and Lou?" 

"Are you guys gonna stop and say hi to the fans outside or sneak out the back? Lou's gonna meet a few, then we got a plane to catch." 

Fans? How long have fans been outside? Why didn't Harry say anything? 

"Harry's going to say hi to a couple fans. I might sneak out the back. People still have no idea were dating."

She nods her head and glances at the boys. They've gotten up and are now walking toward us. Louis stops mid step and gasps, staring at me. 

"Oh. My. God. You, babe, can wear the hell out of those strips!"

I glance down at my top and strike a ridiculous pose, hearing everyone laugh. 

"Oh I know. I might even wear them better then you!" 

Lou gasps and grabs El's hand. 

"How dare you! I can't even speak to you anymore. As for you Haz, we've got a plane to catch. Call me when you get home, alright?" 

He leans in and hugs Harry and turns toward me. 

"I don't like you, but I'll still miss you, carrot. Text or call me if you need anything at all, love" he whispers in my ear, pulling me in for a hug. 

I nod against his shoulder and pull away. 

"Thanks Lou."

I smile at him and turn toward El. 

"It was such an honor mee-" 

She cuts me off and enfolds me in a hug. 

"Don't even start with that crap!" 

She pulls away and rests her hands on my shoulders, locking eyes with me. 

"Harry put my number in your phone, and Lou put yours in mine. I will be getting a hold of you soon and all of us girls are going on a shopping trip. You'll have a blast." 

I pull her in for one more hug and give her a little squeeze. 

"Thanks, El." 

She smiles at me and quickly kisses my cheek before grabbing Lou's hand and pulling him toward the elevator. Harry and I yell one last goodbye as the door closes.

They make such a sweet couple. I hope people think that about me and Harry. He starts to walk toward the elevator and I stay where I am, waiting for him to notice I'm not following him. 

I watch him walk half way down the hallway to the elevator and start to get impatient. It's not hard to notice I'm not there. 

He finally turns around waves his hand at me. 

"Are you coming?" 

"I don't know. Are you planning on hiding from your fans?" 

He runs his hand through his still damp curls and shuffles toward me mumbling something about Lou. 

"He didn't tell me, Haz. Eleanor did. She said her and Lou were going to say hi to the fans waiting outside. Why don't you want to say hi?"

He shoves his hands deep in his pockets and faces the floor, looking like a small child getting yelled at by their mom. 

"I don't know.." he mutters, leaning up against the wall. 

"I think you should go say hi. You have no idea how much it would mean to those girls out there." 

And he doesn't. Being a Directioner, I know exactly how much it will mean to everyone of the screaming girls out side. It will make their life. They will become legends in there group of friends. 

Harry snaps his head up and a mischievous smile dances on his lips. 

"I'll go greet fans if you come with me." 

I feel my heart stop as the words fill the empty hallway. Meet fans as Harry Styles new girlfriend? There are going to be so many girls that instantly hate me. But meeting him will mean so much to the girls. 

"Okay. Let's go" I whisper grabbing his hand. 

He pecks my cheek and pulls me toward the elevator, half running. I laugh at his excitement and try and keep up stumbling with every step. 

We finally reach the elevator and he stops in front of me with out warning. I manage to avoid running into him and hit the down button. 

"Hey! Why'd you do that? I wanted to hit the button!"

"I wanted to hit that one! You can hit the one in the elevator" I laugh at him. 

"Damn right I can.." he mutters, still pouting. 

The door opens and we walk in. He immediately slaps the 'lobby' button with a crazy karate move. 

"Ha! I hit that one!"

"Only because I let you!" 

"Nu-uh! I would of got it anyway!" 

"No way! You only got to hit it because I didn't want to!"

We argue the rest of the way down and walk out of the elevator getting stares. 

"No, Maddie! Did you not see that sick ninja move I used to hit the button? You couldn't do that in a million years!" 

"Oh, please. My ninja moves are a thousa-" 

I'm cut off by the hundreds of girls outside screaming Harry's name. My heart beat quickens and my breathing goes shallow. I can't do this. I can't go out there. They'll all hate me! 

"I don't think I can do this, Harry.." I mutter. 

He laughs and squeezes my hand, pulling me toward the door. 

"Don't worry, babe. They'll love you." 

He leans in and briefly touches his lips against mine. The screams double in volume as I pull away. What are they all thinking right now? How many seen? What are they going to say? 

Questions race through my head as he opens the door and pulls me out with him.  I'm instantly hit with the deafening screams and fight not to cover my ears. I can't even think with all these girls like this. 

I look up at Harry and take a step closer to him, half hiding behind his body. He seems completely unfazed by ear piercing noise, smiling and waving at all the girls. 

He takes a step forward, dragging me along with him, and I feel a knot form in my stomach. What are the girls going to say? Are they going to think I'm good enough for him? 

He approaches two girls on the fence and says hello. One of the girls is a petite red head with deep blue eyes and the other is a tall, stocky, brunette with soft hazel eyes. Both girls are very pretty. 

"Harry! Who is that?" the brunette asks him. The red head looks at me for the first time and disgust fill hers face. 

"This is my girlfriend, Maddie." 

He practically has to shout it to the girls and everyone in the area gets quiet. 

"She's beautiful, Harry!" 

One of the girls from the back shouts and I feel my face turn pink. I silently thank the wonderful girl as everyone starts talking again. Maybe they won't hate me after all. 

The two girls introduce themselves. The redhead is named Kathy and the brunette is Nichole. We all chat for a few seconds and then Harry says we have to meet the other girls. He quickly kisses the two girls on the cheek and we start to walk off. 

"Wait! Maddie! Come back for just a minuet!" 

I stop in my tracks and look at Harry. I do t think he heard the girl. 

"Haz! One of the girls wants to talk to me. I'm gonna go see what she wants. I'll meet up with you in a minuet, ok?" 

I let go of his hand and walk back towards Nichole and Kathy. What could they want? I didn't say anything to the girls except hello. I get to the fence and look around. 

"Did any of you girls call me?"

All the girls shake their heads and look at each other confused. Someone's not fessing up it. I know someone called me. 

"Yeah. I called you over here. I just need to tell you something." 

I search for the voice in the sea of faces and realize its coming from Kathy. What does she need to tell me? I walk closer to where she is and my heart beat quickens out of nervousness. 

"Alright. What's up? Whatta need to tell me?" 

I thank God for how confident my voice sounds. I glance down at my hands and see their slightly shaking. 

"I hate you. I fucking hate you with everything I have. You're a fat ugly piece of shit and Harry can do way better then you. You guys won't last. Us fans won't let it last." 

My heart breaks with every word she says. Why does she hate me? I didn't do anything to her. Why is she saying this stuff? Do the fans already feel feel this way? I blink back the tears and hear her laugh along with Nichole. 

"She's crying! Omg! Look! Hahaha!" 

My heart sinks down in my chest and I quickly wipe the tears away. Why is this girl being like this. I run my hands through my hair and study the ground, refusing to look at the girl. What if all the girls will feel this way? 

"Fucking slut!" 

I hear another girl in the crowd yell and try and find her. Why does dating Harry make me a slut?! I start to walk away and furiously wipe my cheeks. I didn't do anything to these girls! Why are they being so nasty?!

I storm down the side walk, brushing past Harry, and don't stop till I'm in the taxi. I slam the door and lay my head against the seat. Did the fans react like this to the other girls? 

I pull out my phone and search for El's name to send her a message. 

To: Eleanor(: - hey, can I ask you a quick question?

I wait for her reply hearing Kathy's words ring in my head. "I fucking hate you... Fat, ugly, piece of shit... Won't last..." I feel a tear roll and don't bother to stop it. 

*Bzzz Bzzz* 

I glance down at my phone and read El's text. 

From: Eleanor(: - Yeah, ask me anything.

To: Eleanor(: - When the fans found out you and Lou were dating, we're they like nasty toward you? 

After a few seconds my phone rings. It's Eleanor. 


My voice is a lot shakier then I want it to be as I answer. 

"Why are you asking that? Did the girls find out about you and Harry?" 

I nod with the phone against my ear, and a sob escapes me. I tell her everything. How Harry and I talked in the hallway, getting nervous, meeting Kathy and Nichole and how Kathy looked completely disgusted with me, Harry telling them about us, walking away then getting called back, what Kathy said to me and what the other girl yelled. 

"Does Harry know?" 

"No. He still outside meeting people. I don't understand El. Why would she say those thing to me?" 

"I don't know, love. Jealously maybe? When the girls first found out-" 

She cuts off and stays silent for a few seconds. 

"I'm talking to Maddie. Ok fine. I'm talking to carrot ... She's upset ... A couple girls said some nasty things to her ... No! Louis sto-" 

"Who said nasty things to you" 

I hear Lou's voice on the other end of the phone and feel a little relieved. Out of the band, I'm closest with either Louis or Zayn. Probably Zayn. Don't get me wrong, I'm close with Niall and Liam, but in different ways. 

Zayn reminds me most of a best friend, always there when you need to talk, fun to hang out with, and gives great hugs. Liam is like my second older brother, always looking out for me. Niall is just fun to be around, carefree, loud, hilarious, but can be sensitive when he needs to be. Louis and I were the first to click, like we instantly understood each other. And Harry is just all that and more. 

"It was just some fans Lou. Don't even worry about it." 

My voice shakes and I mentally cuss myself out. 

"If they said anything mean to you, then their not true fans. Forget what they said, love. What ever it is, it's not true. You wouldn't believe the shit Eleanor got when we went public!" 

How could Eleanor get hate? She's so beautiful and sweet! 

"Listen love. Our planes about to take off and we have to turn off our mobile. I'll text you as soon as I can, ok?" 

"Okay. Can I say good bye to Eleanor?" 

"Of course you can!" 

I hear them argue over something stupid for a moment then El's comforting voice fills the recover. 

"You feeling better?" 

Am I? Tears still roll down my cheeks and fans still think I'm an ugly slut. 

"Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better" I lie. 

"Okay, good. I've got to go, but I wasn't joking about the shopping trip earlier. I'll message you soon. Bye, love!" 

"Thanks, El. See ya." 

I hang up the phone as the door opens, and quickly wipe my cheeks. Maybe he won't know I was crying. He slides in the car next to me and sighs loudly, shutting the door. 

"Those girls are crazy" he mutters, pulling out his phone. If he updates twitter and stuff, that'll give me enough time to look normal again. Not with red eyed and stained cheeks.

"Where'd you go? I had a lot of girls who wanted to meet you." 

"Why would they want meet me?" 

The words come out a bit harsher then they should of and before I can stop them. Damn it! Now he's going to look at me and I'm going to have to tell him about Kathy and Nichole and he's going to know I can't handle hate. 

I've never been able to. There's just something about people thinking down on me when I try so hard to please everyone. It hurts me when someone says something mean to me. 

A used to get bullied of by a couple kids at school a lot. They would tell me that my mom planned the car accident so she could get away from me. That she wanted to die because that's the only way to get rid of me. They told me Michael ran away because I made him and I deserved everything Ryan did to me. 

I believed them. I started to think that I was a horrible person and every compliment I had ever gotten was a lie. It got to the point that I started harming myself any way possible. Cuts and burns were the most common. 

Kath ended up finding out and telling her parents, who enlisted me in a week long rehabilitation center for self harmers and I haven't done it since. It's been almost seven months. 

"Why are you crying?" 

His deep voice fills the now moving taxi and snaps me out of my thoughts. 

"It was, uhm, it was nothing. Don't worry about, babe." 

I force a smile on my face but he doesn't seem to buy it. 

"To late. Why were you crying?"
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