Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


4. Doors

Maddies Pov 

The rest of the concert seems to fly by. As the boys finish up with 'What Makes You Beautiful', I look down and make sure the passes are still around my neck. 

I havent told Kath about them yet. Last time we got back stage passes, she ran around and rubbed them into everybody else's face. I'm scared if she tried that here, shed either get kicked out, or worse, get them taken away by a desperate fan. 

I look up and see Harry smiling at me from the stage. I grab the passes from my neck and hold them up. He gives me a thumbs up, but doesn't look away. His solo was coming up to. I stare into his amazing eyes and blush. 

It was his solo and he was looking right at me. He was singing 'What Makes You Beautiful' to me! I walk up to the stage as close as the bouncers will let me get and reach my hand out. Harry bends down a little and grabs it, singing the rest of his solo to me. 

Harry's Pov
"Baby, you light up my world like no-body else" I can't look away! I see her walk up the stage and extend a hand. 

"the way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed." I bend as far forward as I can and grab it gently. 

"But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell" i feel her squeeze my hand and smile. 

"You don't know, you dont know your beautiful!" I squeeze her hand back as I sing the last part.

 I feel someone nudge me, but refuse to look up. I can't look away from these eyes! I feel a nudge again, but this time a little harder. I glance up and see Liam staring at me.

 I look back at Maddie, but see her looking some where else. Trying to find her friend, is my best guess. I pull my hand back, and get into the song and dancing with the rest of the lads. 

The music ends and me, Niall, Zayn, and Louis run off stage. Liam stays on for minute to say thanks to the fans. I stand back stage, thinking of what it's going to be like seeing Maddie again. I feel eyes on me and snap back into reality. 

I slowly look around and see all four of the boys looking at me. "What?" I ask cautiously. "Oh, don't you 'what' us!" Louis replies. "Who the hell was that girl you sang to right then?" Niall asks. "Ok, guys, remember that Katy Perry concert I went to a few years ago? I got back home and told you all about the girl I had met there? Thats her! That's Maddie!" I say excitedly. "Shes coming back stage to. She should be here soon, her and her friend." I add.

 They all stayed silent for a minute. Lou was the first to speak up. "Are you sure thats her?" "Of course I'm sure!" I snap back. None of the lads look particularly happy. 

Why arnt they happy for me? I'm about to see the girl of my dreams. I suddenly get mad. I'm about to see Maddie and they're all acting weird! Whats their problem!? 

I look around and see Niall biting his nails, looking at Liam. Liam's looking at with me pity. Louis's staring at his feet and Zayn's running his hand through his hair, looking a bit annoyed. "Fine. I guess I'm meeting her alone, arnt I."

I push Zayn out of my way and and walk down the hallway toward my dressing room. I hear Louis call after me, but don't bother turning around

 I get to my dressing room and throw open the door to see Maddie and another girl sitting on the couch. She's standing up but then cringes back at the sound of the door slamming against the wall. 

Maddies Pov 

I had been sitting in this room for ten minutes now. Was this all a big joke? Was a bouncer going to come in and tell me it's time to go now? What could Harry possibly be doing? I start getting antsy and tap my fingers on Kaths knee.

 I hear the doorknob turn and stand up. The door flies open and slams against the wall. Momories come flooding back to me and i flinch and sit down, covering my head. I've heard that sound before. I try not to think about it, push it away. 

I feel someone touch my hand and look up wildly. I see it's just Katherine and take a deep breath. I take my hands off my head slowly, but don't let go of hers. I look up and see Harry at the doorway looking concerned and confused. Behind him is Louis with the same expression. 

"Are you right?" Harry asks, taking a cautious step closer. "I didn't mean to scare you or whatever. I didn't even know you were in here." I look away from him and see Louis walking toward me. "Do you want a glass or water or something, love? You look a bit ill." 

I shake my head. "No, I'm ok. Thanks anyway though. I really appreciate it." I reply. I'm starting to feel a little better and relax the death grip I have on Kaths hand a bit.

 I turn to Kath and say, "Kat, remember at the Katy Perry concert two years ago when I feel on my butt in front of a hot guy but he still talked to me for like a minute cause we had to leave? Well, this is the guy I talked to. Kath, meet Harry. Harry, this is my best friend Kath."
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