Remembering Katy Perry

Sixteen year old Maddie has lived a hard life. She also keeps a big secret. When she finds out the boy she met two years ago at a concert is Harry Styles, her life turns to chaos. She has to chose between her brutal, unforgiving past or the new, shining future with her love. It's an easy choice! At least it is until her past comes to haunt her future..


11. Blissful Blackness

Maddie's Pov

Harry breaks the kiss and I feel dizzy. I giggle a little bit, and rest my head on his shoulder. That was the most amazing kiss of my life. There was something special about it, about him. I feel like I can trust him and that he deserves to know the truth about my life and my past. 

I pull my head off his shoulder to see him looking at with me concern. I take a deep breath and let it all out. 

"When I was 7 my mom married a guy named Ryan. He seemed super nice and was until my mom died a year and a half ago in a car crash. My older brother, Michael, and Ryan fought all the time after that. Two months after my mom died, Michael ran away to live with his buddy in Ohio leaving me with Ryan, who has a bit of a drinking problem. After Michael ran away I became Ryan's punching bag. He's beat on me for almost two years now. Last night I came home late and that's how I got the black eye and bruises." I took a big breath and looked at Harry, waiting to see his reaction. 

I seen several emotions pass over his face. Shock. Confusion. Anger. Sadness. Pity. Then nothing. I couldn't read him. 

"We should get back to the boys." he said quietly, standing me up. I silently nod and start to walk out of the now dark alley. 

I knew I shouldn't of told him. I knew it. He'll never look at me the same. I feel my stomach drop and heavy heart beat a little slower. There's no way he could like me, let alone love me, after finding this out. 

I'm hit with a sudden wave of sadness so strong that I have to stop walking and catch my now gone breath. The thought of Harry not loving me, not liking me or wanting to spend time with me is to much. I start to see black spots and feel extremely dizzy. 

"Harry.." I mutter, reaching my hand out. The shops around me start to spin and the lights seem to bright. I see two overly bright lights coming closer then a sharp pain in my side. I fall to the ground, world still spinning, and slide back a couple feet, ripping my dress. I hear tire squeals and people screaming.  

The world starts to fade and I slip into a blissful blackness, hearing someone faintly calling my name. I don't bother to try and figure out who it was. 

 "I think I'll stay here for a while", I think to myself. 

Louis's Pov 

I look around to see if Maddie and Harry are back yet and don't see them. They must be really having fun to be away this long. It's been almost two hours since they went to get ice cream. 

I look up at the sky and see the suns starting to sink behind the trees and know we'll have to leave soon if we're to get Maddie home on time. 

Maddie. She's such a good match for Harry and she clearly likes him. She hasn't been able to her eyes off him since we picked her up! She looks at him the way the way I look at El, like your staring at your whole world and if something happens to them your destroyed. Harry looks at her that way to. They'll make such a perfect couple. 

She's not a bad girl to hang out with either. I feel like the lads and I got to know her today. She's cool with just about everything we do and doesn't fan girl. I can see her and I being close in the future. We talked a lot today and even went off on our own for a bit. The only thing I couldn't figure out was the bruises she has. What are those from? Did someone do that to her? 

I tense up at the thought. No one better hurt her. I haven't known the girl long, but I already care about her. I don't want anything bad happening to her. 

I listen to strum of Niall's guitar and relax a little, closing my eyes and enjoy the evening sun on my face. In the distance I hear kids playing, adults talking, and someone shouting. 

I open my eyes and listen more intently. I know that voice. I could recognize it any where. "Niall, stop playing for a minute." I snap, a bit harsher then I should of. He quits and I clearly hear the shouts now and know its him. 

I look at the lads. "Do you hear that? It's Harry! He shouting something, but I can't make out what." the boys all turn their heads toward the shouting and listen. 

"We should go check it out." Zayn says, popping up. We all agree and head toward the sidewalk, the same way Maddie and Harry had took to go get ice cream.  

I get a funny feeling in the pit of stomach as we approach the side walk. We would of been able to hear the shouting as close as we were, but it seemed to have stopped. We arrive at a fountain and look around, all of us a bit anxious now. 

"Wake up! Please!" 

We all turn toward the left, and take off in a run. 

"Maddie! Wake up!" 

We turn a corner and see a group of people surrounding something in the road, all murmuring to each other. I make my way to the circle in a cold sweat and shove my way through. 

I get to the middle and see what everyone's circling. 

Harry's on the ground next to an unconscious Maddie screaming at her to wake up. I jog up to him and grab his shoulder. He looks up and I see slight tear marks on his cheeks. 

"Louis! She was hit by a car and she won't wake up! She won't wake up, Louis!" he yells at me. I can hear the panic in his voice and pull him up. 

"You screaming at her to wake up probably isn't helping mate. Have you called the ambulance?" I ask grimly and he shakes his head, messing up his curls. 

I turn toward the crowd. 

"Have any of you called the police or ambulance!?" I hear a lady say yes and turn back toward Maddie. She's sprawled out on the ground in her now ripped dress and is covered in scarlet blood. I look away feeling a little sick and grab somebody's arm for support. 

I hear Harry screaming at her again and run over to where he is, grabbing the other lads on the way. 

"Wake UP!! Please!" he sobs. We surround our new friend and I can't help but notice how pale she is. I also notice shes not breathing. My heart beat quickens as I sit on the ground next to Harry, who's broken down into sobs. 

"Zayn.. She's not breathing.." I say a little breathless my self, not tearing my eyes off Maddie. I knew Zayn knew what I ment cause I seen him place his hands on her chest and start to press down. 

"What the hell are you doing!? Your going to kill her!!" I hear Harry shout. He reaches over Maddie's lifeless body and pushes Zayn off her with more force than I have ever seen him use. 

I grab Harry's arm and pull him back over. I stand him up and try and take him away from Maddie. It can't be good for him seeing her like this. 

He figures out what I'm trying to do and rips his arm out if my grip. 

"No!" he roars, running back to Maddie. I look at Liam and he nods his head. We go at Harry together each grabbing an arm and drag him away, despite his many protests. 

"I'm sorry Harry, but you can't see her like that." I say as we sit him down. He's stopped fighting me and Liam and now just cries into his hands. 

He mumbles her name as he cries and heart turns heavy. My best friend truly loves this girl and were not sure if she's alive anymore. I feel a tear slide down my cheek and see Liam's eyes are just as watery as mine. 

I look up at the sky and notice the suns nearly gone. I hear the ambulance sirens, finally, and jog back to the road. 

Zayns sitting in the road, head in hands, and Niall's standing by him struggling to hold back tears. By the looks of them, Maddie's not doing well. I cross over to where they are, heart beat quickening, and glance at Maddie. Silently asking the words I can't say. 

"I couldn't get her breath, Louis." Zayn says quietly, tears running down his face. My heart stops. What if she doesn't ever start to breath? What if she's dead? 

I sit on the ground next to Zayn and rest my head in my hands. 

She can't be dead. We just met her! We all got to know her and all care about her. No. She won't be. Well see her bright eyes and smiling face in the hospital. 

I tell myself the lie over and over again. 
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