Moments <3

Will epic hatred turn into the most romantic love...?


2. Getting Feelings?..

   Niall's P.O.V. ~~~"I wonder why that girl didn't make a big deal that she saw us...?" I heard Louis say. "She probably wasn't a directioner..." Liam answered. Without thinking I blurted out "I don't know, but she was so... Beautiful! <3" All of the boys just glared at me. "I mean, I don't even know her so, I don't like-like her... she's just pretty, that's all" I said, defending myself. "Somebody's gonna get it on with a new girl!!" Harry said with a wink. "Yeah, right." I chuckled.  Claire's P.O.V. ~~~"I can't believe One Direction just showed up at the studio..." I mumbled to my best friend Becca. "I thought you didn't like them?" Becca said confused. "Well, I've actually never listened to their music... I just didn't and still don't like the fact that girls flip out over them, because they're absolutely gorgeous.." I told her. "Absolutely Gorgeous?" Becca asks.. "Yeah, now I have to go.. uh, chores, bye." I hung up the phone. I really didn't have any chores to do. I just couldn't talk about 1D when I'm not even clear about my feelings about the band...Most girls would've passed out if One Direction showed up at their door.                                   (Sorry that it was so short.)

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