Moments <3

Will epic hatred turn into the most romantic love...?


1. "Hi, Nice to meet you."

 Claire's P.O.V         

         My passion has always been dance. Dancing has been in my family for generations.My mom always used to make fun of me by calling me "The Prancing Claire" because I would always prance around the house, moving my feet with the beat of any music. So, I was in the studio and all of a sudden I hear all this commotion and screaming outside. I walk over to the window and see hundreds of girls crowding around the studio. "Whats going on..?" I wonder to myself. Suddenly there is a knock on the studio door. Plenty confused, I nervously tiptoe to door letting out a slight "Yes?" A deep british voice answers by saying "We're here to see Amanda." I slowly open the door the see the band I hate the most... One Direction. It's really not that I hate them... I mean hate is a strong word, but... I strongly dislike them. Honestly, I can't really hate them if I don't know them... but I just hate the fact that girls are going crazy about them because they're "hot" or they're "angels." It's not like they're the first boyband ever.You know what, Scratch what I said about hating them. I don't hate's just, Complicated. Realizing that they're still at the door I say "Um, Actually I'm the only one here right now, do you want me to leave a message?" The one with the sharp cheekbones that is actually very attractive answers back and says " I don't know if you've heard of us but we're One Direction and Amanda was supposed to help us with Choreography...for our upcoming tour." Not wanting to say anything hateful I say " I have actually heard of you and I'll tell Amanda you stopped by." " Thank You" they all say in unison. I nod my head and shut the door...Now I realize why so many girls are attracted to them...                           

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