Be My Superhuman

Kinly is having the worst night ever. This night is about to get even worse when her boyfriend, Harry Styles, her best friend, Leighton, and Leighton's boyfriend, Zayn Malik, come and try to help her.


1. Worst Nighr Ever

I hates storms anyone that knew me could you that. My power had gone out my laptop was dead and my phone was dying. I was texting my boyfriend Harry styles and yes he is from one direction when I got a phone call from my next door neighbor.

"Kinly, honey not to scare you or anything but stay in for the rest of the night please." my neighbor said

"Mrs.Rally what is going on?" I asked as I heard a police car go up my street and stop at a few houses up.

"There was a shooting a few houses up and he has hostages. The swat team is on its way if you need anything I'm next door." she said before she hung up.

I walked downstairs and set up some candles. I heard a faint gun shot and I got scared and started to cry I pulled out my phone and called Harry who was staying at a hotel nearby.

"Kinly are you okay." I heard his voice through the phone.

"No Harry it’s not." I said crying

"Shh baby what is it?" he asked

"Well first the storm it knocked my power out so my laptop is dead and my phone is dying and now my neighbor just told me there was shooting a few houses up from mine. He has hostages and the swat team is on their way. I'm scared Harry." I said crying harder

"Kinly listen to me I am on my way okay." he said with a calm voice

"Do you think you could pick up Leigh?" I asked

"She is at Zayn’s so those two can come too." he said.

"Okay love you." I said

"love you too." he said before he hung up. Harry Pov My Kinly just called me crying. I hate hearing her cry. I tried to stay calm with her on the phone. I was as scared as she was. I grabbed my Jack Wills hoodie and then grabbed my car keys. I walked over to Zayn’s apartment and knocked on his door. Leigh answered the door and I walked in.

"Hey what's up?" Zayn asked from the couch.

"We have to get to Kinly's house now. “I said

"Why is everything okay?" Leighton asked. Leighton is Kinly's best friend and she I dating Zayn. "She just called me crying. She said that there was a shooting by her house and the gunman has a hostage and the swat team is there." I said.


“Oh my gosh we have to get over there now.” Leighton said as she got up and put on her winter boots and grabbed one of Zayn’s jackets.


We walked outside and over to my rental Range Rover. It was getting colder out every minute. All I could think of is Kinly shivering while sitting in her living room in the dark. The winter here could get brutal, or that is what Kinly had always said. We got to her street and then to her block which they had blocked off. I got out of the car as one of the police officers walked over to me.


“Sir you can’t get through here I’m sorry you are going to have to turn around.” He said.


“Please my girlfriend’s house is right there. She called me crying, she is scared and she has no power.” I said glancing over at her house.


“Do you want us to escort her to your car?” The officer asked.


“No I was going to her house to stay there with her.” I said.


“Are there any other people in the car?” he asked.


“There are two other people in the car.” I said.


“Park the car and then follow me.” He said.


I parked and then grabbed my hoodie for Kinly before we followed the officer and he got us to Kinly’s house. He knocked on the door and all I could think was please let her be okay.


Kinly POV


I heard a knock on my door and slowly walked over. I opened the door to see Harry, Leighton and Zayn standing there. They had a police officer escort who quickly got them in the house before telling me to lock the door and for us to stay safe. After we locked the door the first thing I did was wrap my arms around Harry and felt him wrap his arms around my waist.


“You have to be cold.” He said after we pulled apart from each other.


“Just a little.” I half smiled. I had on a pair of his sweatpants and a plain blue t-shirt.


“Here” He said as he handed me his purple ‘Jack Wills’ hoodie. I put it on and breathed in the familiar smell of him.


“Leighton want to help me bring candles in here?” I asked her.


“Yeah.” She smiled as she got up and walked to the other room with me.


We brought the candles into the living room and put them on the coffee table that was now pushed against the couch because Zayn and Harry had made floor beds. I looked at Harry and he was patting the spot next to him. I sat down next to him and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder as I rested my head on his shoulder. In one swift move I he had me sitting on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and I rested my head on his shoulder taking in his scent and his warmth. I looked over and saw that Zayn and Ana were asleep cuddle together. I felt Harry rest his head on top of mine. He made me feel like nothing was wrong. He took away all of my fear. He was all I needed. I looked up at his breath taking green eyes and saw that he was leaning down for a kiss. Right before our lips touched there was a gun shot and then a pounding on my door. Harry and I jumped up and I looked over and saw that Leighton and Zayn were standing now to. Leighton ran over to me as the boys got on guard. Then out of nowhere my front door was busted down. Harry ran over to me and grabbed me as I watched as a strange man walked into my house holding a gun. I felt hot tears spilling over my eyes as Harry turned me so that I was facing his chest. I had never felt him hold me so close. I heard his heart beating faster. I grabbed onto his shirt and silently cried into his shirt.


“If you shot me I take a victim.” The man yelled out to the police.


“All of you on the ground now!” He yelled at us. We obeyed.


“I’m so sorry Kinly. I should have just had the police officer bring you to my car. This is all my fault.” I heard Harry whisper in my ear as I sat in his lap. I looked up at him and saw tears slowly falling from the green eyes that I have only known to show strength.


“Shh Harry please it will never be your fault.” I said my voice raspy from crying as I gently moved my thumb across both of his cheeks wiping away the tears. I laid my head back on his chest and felt him give me a small kiss on the top of my head.


I looked over at Zayn and Leighton and saw that she was crying as Zayn rocked her back and forth trying to comfort her. I felt like a horrible friend. I would have been in this situation by myself if I wasn’t a weakling. Why did I have to call Harry and ask him, Leighton, and Zayn to come over? We are being held hostage because I’m stupid. I started to cry harder and Harry grip on me tightened. Why am I always so stupid? All I do is hurt the ones I love. Maybe I should just convince this man that he only wants me. Get him to let Leighton, Zayn and Harry go. Why? Why did this have to happen?


“So which one of you four want to sacrifice yourself to save your friends?” He asked us. I stood up from Harry’s lap and locked eyes with him.


“Me because this is all my fault.” I chocked out.


“Kinly what the hell are you doing?” Harry said as he stood up and grabbed my wrist he never swore around me.


“Harry please this is all my fault. I had to be stupid and get scared and call you. I just had to have the three of you come over tonight. If I never would have called we wouldn’t have to worry about deciding who would die. It would just be me. I need to start facing my mistakes head on.” I said as the tears flowed down my face.


“Kin, please we love you and we know that this isn’t your fault.” Leighton said through tears.


“Will you all just shut up!” The man yelled at us as he put a gun against my head.


I started too hyperventilated as I felt it against my head. I had tears frantically falling from my eyes. I saw Harry stop breathing for a minute as I heard glass crashing down. I heard a gun go off. I didn’t know if it was the one against my head by I assumed it was because everything went black.


I woke up lying in a hospital bed with an extremely tired looking Harry sitting next to me. I saw a small smile come across his face once he saw that I was awake.


“I’m alive?” I questioned him as he grabbed my hand.


“Yes and I am so happy to hear your voice.” He said as he kissed my forehead.


“What happened I heard a gun go off and I was positive it was the one against my head?” I said.


“No it was a police officer who fired that gun shot. They shot the man who was holding us hostage but he hit you with the gun as he fell down. It knocked you unconscious for about 2 days.” He said.


“I am so sorry for scary you like that.” I said.


“Just promise me you will never do that again.” He said.


“I promise never to be a dumb ass ever again.” I laughed.


“I love you Kinly.” He smiled.


“And I love you too Harry.” I smiled as he leaned in and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

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