Not Just An Ordinary Summer

4 best friends live together. They share laughs, good moments, and also sometimes broken hearts. Lindsey, Madison, Destiny, and Taegon (Tae) live together. One day out of the blue, One Direction comes knocking on their apartment door. Relationships grow and its love at first sight. Everything is going perfect until disaster srtikes. One of these 4 best friends gets sick and die. Then the 3 are left to suffer the pain and tragedy alone. Will they forget about everything that has happened including their relationships and the tragedy, or will they carry on without the 4th best friend?


5. Truth or Dare

  Lindsey's P.O.V

  Soon we were all back inside and everyone was in the room, eating Tae's delicous homemade ice cream. Tae's ice cream was a gift from god. "So not to be mean or anything and dont get me wrong, were totally happy you guys are here but, why are you here? I asked concerened. I didnt want to make is seem like I didnt want them here cause, I did; this was a dream come true. "Well, were right across from your living room and, we saw you guys having fun and stuff and you guys seemed really interesting and nice." Liam explained. "Haha well thanks." Dest was acting weird. I thinking Niall has some sort of affect on her. "Well, how about we play truth or dare? I have a bottle!" Everyone was excited and we all agreed. Lou grabbed a bottle and we started to play.


 "I dont really like truth or dare! I always end up doing something that either gets me in trouble, something I dont want to do, or something that is totally embarrassing." " Ohh no no, your playing. It will be fun!" Lous said and winked at me. "Please do I have to?! I can just wach!!" "Come on Linds, your one of my best friends. I wont make you do something bad." Tae said. I did the only thing I could do in this situation. I ran for my room. Soon I felt someone holding my legs, and someone holding my arms. Louis and Tae put me on the floor, and held me down. "Please let me go I dont wanna do this!" "Please Linds, it'll be fun!" Oh no, now Madz? Why?! "Im gonna cry if you dont let me go!" "No you wont Linds." Tae knew me too well. I just gave up and made myself comfortable next to Madz and Louis.


 "Ok Tae, your turn first!" Dest said. He spun the bottle and it landed on Zayn. "Ok Zayn truth or dare?" "Truth." Everyone in the room got mad. They didnt like truth. "Ok, how many girlfriends have you had?" "4." Zayn spun the bottle and it landed on Liam. "Truth or dare?" "Dare." Everyone was now cheering. "Ok....I dare you to lick the bottom of Louis' foot." "Ewwww!" "You have to its a dare!" Zayn said. "Fine, Louis.." Louis stuck out his foot out and Liam did the dare. Then he was washing his mouth out with a drink. Liam spun the botte and it landed on Niall. "Truth." Liam didnt even have time to ask. "What is the worst thing that could happen to you?" Li Li said. Niall took time to think about it then looked at Dest. " Probably losing Destiny." Everyone in the room was awwwing and making kissy noises. Then the bottle landed on Lou. "Lou, truth or dare?" Niall asked. "Dare." " I dare you to pick someone in this room, and be completely honest and tell them what you think of them." Lou looked around the room then thought to himself. "I pick Linds." I was in compltete shock..What does he have to say about me? Probably something mean.. "Lindsey is a beautiful and talented girl. She lights up my world and makes everything I do worth it..I met her this morning, but she is my everything." I couldnt help but shed a tear. That was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me; especaily after knowing me for a day. He was next to me so I just leaned in for a hug and we hugged.

  Louis' P.O.V

 I am so glad Niall gave me that dare. I have wanted to say that to Lindsey since we talked on the balcony; which was only about an hour ago but, that hour was killing me. She shed a tear which means she was touched by what I said. I meant every word I said. Then she leaned in. I thought she would kiss me but, she only gave me a hug. But thats good enough because her hugs were price less.


 Lindsey's P.O.V

  Hugging Louis was amazing. I never wanted to stop hugging him but, eventually we had to stop. So it was Lou's turn to spin the bottle and it landed on Tae. "Truth or dare?" Lou asked. "Dare." I whispered the dare he should make Tae do in Lou's ear. Louis nodded and laughed a little. "We dare you to, run down the hall kocking on everyones door yelling." His cheeks got red and it was histarical. So, he did as he was told and when he came back, he was panting and he knew he upset people so he ran in the apartment and locked the door immediately.


 Ok, Tae spin the bottle. The bottle landed on Harry. Almost landing on Madz. "Harry, truth or dare?" "Dare". "I dare you to kiss someone in this room, on the lips." Harry smirked and turned around. He was looking at Madz and smirking. Then, he kissed her. Everyone kept making more kissy noises. They wouldnt stop so Tae had to pull him off her considering Tae is like our father; I'm shocked he dared Harry that. We kept hanging out the rest of the night laughing and having a good time. Madz looked a lot better. I think she forgot about what happened at school today which made me happy.


 After a while, we got tired so we said goodnight to the boys, exchanging hugs and numbers and everyone went to bed. I think its safe to say, everyone had a great day today.


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