Not Just An Ordinary Summer

4 best friends live together. They share laughs, good moments, and also sometimes broken hearts. Lindsey, Madison, Destiny, and Taegon (Tae) live together. One day out of the blue, One Direction comes knocking on their apartment door. Relationships grow and its love at first sight. Everything is going perfect until disaster srtikes. One of these 4 best friends gets sick and die. Then the 3 are left to suffer the pain and tragedy alone. Will they forget about everything that has happened including their relationships and the tragedy, or will they carry on without the 4th best friend?


3. Silent thoughts

  Lindsey's P.O.V

  Tae picked us up. Most of the car ride was silence. Awkwardness in fact. Then Tae decided to break the silence. "So you sprayed a girl with a fire extinguisher, took Madz locker off and smacked her with it, and punch adn kicked her?" We all nodded than kinda laughed a little. " Dang! I'll remember that next time you guys want the remote." We all laughed a lot. "How did the fight starts?" Tae asks curious. "Gigi was insuting Linds about her outfit and whatnot, then said something about my dad." Madz said with dissapiontment. She looked down. There were tears forming in her eyes. I held her in my arms and tried to make her feel better. It has been 8 years since her dad died. I thought by now she would be taking it a little better.


  Tae's P.O.V

   The girls looked like a mess. They were beat up pretty bad. Madz looked the worst. She had a huge black eye, blood running down her nose and blood coming down from her head. Not to mention the cut Gigi gave her on her lip by her fake nails. Linds was bad too. There was a cut under her eye that was bleeding with scratches all over her face from Gigi's manicure. And also a bruise on her cheek. Dest wasnt bad at all. She had a couple scratches thats it. I wish I was there to defend them. I would have torn her apart. I may be a boy but, I would mess Gigi up! Nobody talks about my best friends like that.


 Madz' P.O.V

  Tears were rolling down my eyes. I know its been 8 years since e died but I was only 10. He was my best friend. He taught me how to appreciate life and how that no matter what happens in life, that my life is amazing. But without him, theres a peice of my life missing. Linds holding me in her arms made e feel a little better. Linds always gave the warmest hugs that made me feel safe. "Its ok Madz. Tonight is p.j night anyways!" I coldnt help but smile. Every Friday was p.j night. All 4 of us got into our p.js, cuddled on the couch and watched our favorite movies together. Not to mention Tae's homemade ice cream we loved. I thought tonight would make me feel a little better.


 Dest's P.O.V

  The scratches and brusies and blood we all had didnt make anything different. I still want to walk up to Gigi and tell her off one more time and hurt her. If only she knew that her dad was a butler for Tae's aunt who is filthy rich. If only I told her right there, she would ee how it feels for other people to be talking smack about your father. But I'm gonna be the best friend I am and help out Madz with this situation.

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