Not Just An Ordinary Summer

4 best friends live together. They share laughs, good moments, and also sometimes broken hearts. Lindsey, Madison, Destiny, and Taegon (Tae) live together. One day out of the blue, One Direction comes knocking on their apartment door. Relationships grow and its love at first sight. Everything is going perfect until disaster srtikes. One of these 4 best friends gets sick and die. Then the 3 are left to suffer the pain and tragedy alone. Will they forget about everything that has happened including their relationships and the tragedy, or will they carry on without the 4th best friend?


10. Our gift from Tae

 Lindsey's P.O.V

Me, Madz, and Dest were on the couch watching tv when Tae and the boys came in... And they all had huge smile on their faces. "What are you guys so happy about?" "The boys are leaving to go back to England!" Tae said. "And your all happy about that???" Madz said. "We are actually very happy about that." Louis said. "Ohh gee, thanks Lou." I said. "Not because were leaving you!" "What in the name of cheese are you talking about Lou?" Dest said. "I have a surprise for you guys!" Tae said.


 We were all so confused. "YOU GUYS ARE COMING TO ENGLAND WITH US!" All the boys yelled. "What?!" We all went insane and were soon in a group hug. "So its just gonna be all 9 of us?" Actually Im not coming." Tae said. "Wait what?? Why Tae! It wont be the same without you." Madz said. "I cant go, cause I have to look after the apartment." "Please come with us Tae!" Dest begged. "Im sorry guys. But when you guys get back we'll do something specail together." Tae said. "Ughh fine. It wont be the same though! How long are we staying?" I asked. "2 weeks." Liam said. "Aww man. 2 weeks without my Tae??" "Hey, at least you have the rest of the guys to look after you." Tae reassured us. "Ok I guess thats fine." I said. "Now girls, go get packed were going to the airport in 3 hours." Louis said.




 Soon we were all at the airport. We each said goodbye to Tae. I gave him a hug that lasted forever. "Im gonna miss you Tae." "I'll miss you too Linds." "Love ya Tae." "Love ya too Linds." Than Madz gave him a hug. "Gonna miss ya Tae love you." "Gonna miss you too Madz. Love you too." "Bye tae love you." "Love you too Dest." "We'll see you in two weeks Tae!" All 3 of us screamed as we were getting on the plane.


 The plane ride was gonna take a really long time. I said beside Lou and we just talked alot and when we werent we were sleeping. Madz and Harry played the celebrity game since they love that game. Dest and Niall were listening to music together. And I think Liam and Zayn were just sleeping about the whole time. Tae texted me during the plane ride. From : Tae :P Hey how u guys doing? To: Tae :P Fine,, Im just talking with Lou Madz is playing a game with Haz Dest and Niall are listening to music and Li Li and Zayn are sleeping. How are u doing? From: Tae :P Fine, I guess. To: Tae :P Maybe you would be better with us not at home. From: Tae :P Hey, dont make me feel bad.


 When we arrived in London, it was absoluteley beautiful. Lou drove all of us to Harry's house. I thought this was going to be amazing...Spending 2 weeks in England with your 7 best friends. Too bad Tae wasnt here though..

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