Not Just An Ordinary Summer

4 best friends live together. They share laughs, good moments, and also sometimes broken hearts. Lindsey, Madison, Destiny, and Taegon (Tae) live together. One day out of the blue, One Direction comes knocking on their apartment door. Relationships grow and its love at first sight. Everything is going perfect until disaster srtikes. One of these 4 best friends gets sick and die. Then the 3 are left to suffer the pain and tragedy alone. Will they forget about everything that has happened including their relationships and the tragedy, or will they carry on without the 4th best friend?


13. Dest's date

 Dest's P.O.V

 Me and Niall were on the couch together, watching the Laker's game. "Man, I wish I could go to a Laker's game.. Bryant is my favorite he is like the best basketball player ever!" "What do you mean you wish you can?" Niall asked. "Well since me. Linds, Madz, and Tae use all of our money for bills and stuff, I cant buy a ticket." "But you do have a ticket." "Huh?" Niall held up 2 tickets for tomorrow night's Laker game. "Oh my gosh Niall your the best! But how did you know I liked the Lakers?" "Lucky guess?"


 Tonight was the Laker but since it wasnt anything fancy, I didnt have to go shopping or take 2 hours to get ready. I just got dressed casual. I dont even like getting dressed into fancy clothes. Too girly. So I just took a shower, changed into my Laker's shirt with Kobe Bryant's number on the back, skinny jeans and my purple converse and tied my hair in a ponytail.


 The drive to the Laker's game took forever. Finally we got there, I was so excited that I could tell Niall could see it. " Excited there?" Niall asked me. " Can you tell??" I asked sarcasticly. "Haha kinda." When we got to the ticket booth, Niall gave the guy our tickets and we took our seats. "You wanna buy any food before the game starts?" "Uhh, sure." We walked to the consetion stand and we both ordered nachos and sodas. "So is this, a date?" I asked. "If you want it to be." We both smiled waiting for the game to start which took forever.




 After the game, me and Niall drived home and before we walked through the door, Niall stopped me. "I had a really good time tonight." Niall said while holding both my hands. "I had lots of fun too." He leaned in for a kiss.


  Lindsey's P.O.V

 I was wondering where Niall and Dest were. The Laker's game ended at 10 and its 11. Everyone was on the couch watching scary movies while cuddling. "Lou." "Yeah, love?" "Im gonna get some fresh air, I'll be back." I opened the door and Niall and Dest were kissing!! My mouth dropped open, and then raised both my airbrows surprised they didnt see me. When the door was closed, I was jumping silently in the air. "What is is Linds?" Madz asked. "NIALL AND DEST ARE KISSING ON THE FRONT PORCH!!!!!! I said loudly but making sure they didnt hear me. Everyone's eyes widen and they shot up from the couch and lookedat them through the blinds. When they released, Niall and Dest saw us and Louis screamed, "THERE ON TO US RUN!" We all ran into Harry's room laughing histarically.

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