Not Just An Ordinary Summer

4 best friends live together. They share laughs, good moments, and also sometimes broken hearts. Lindsey, Madison, Destiny, and Taegon (Tae) live together. One day out of the blue, One Direction comes knocking on their apartment door. Relationships grow and its love at first sight. Everything is going perfect until disaster srtikes. One of these 4 best friends gets sick and die. Then the 3 are left to suffer the pain and tragedy alone. Will they forget about everything that has happened including their relationships and the tragedy, or will they carry on without the 4th best friend?


16. Back

  Lindsey's P.O.V

  Me, the girls and Tae were just taking spending the day together. We never know when it will happen. It could happen at any moment. All of us have gotten calls and text messages from the boys but didnt answer back cause we needed to be with Tae as long as possible. I didnt want the boys to be mad, but they would understand. Dont get me wrong, we love the boys to the end of eternity but our love for Tae, is just speechless.


 All 4 of us were just talking about moments together. Happy moments funny moments., Like that one funny moment when Tae was in a rush for an interview and he was taking a shower while we had our headphones in. He had no towel or clothes or anything to cover him up with and he walked out, completely nude, and we all saw him and he screamed like a little girl running to his room.


 Also, that one happy moment when it was Christmas and all of us spent the day by the fire and tree drinking hot cocoa. Tae got all 3 of us real silver rings. Mine says Best, Madz' says Friends, and Dests has Eternity on it.. Tae's ring has our birthstones with our names plastered under them. We all agreed to wear those rings day and night- forever.. 


 Dest was in the middle of a story where Tae almost ran over his girlfriend with his car when there was a knock on the door. I ran down the stairs and opened the door to a surprise. "What are you guys doing here??" "We though you guys could use some help plus, we had to be here for Tae." I smiled and hugged all of them.


  Madz' P.O.V

 Me and Dest were laughing about Tae and his girlfriend when there was a knock on the door. To my surprise, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall were at the door! They all rushed over and gave us hugs and were by Tae. "We'll give you guys some guy time." We waited in the hall to go back in.


  All Boys' P.O.V

 We were excited about not onlt seeing the girls, but also Tae. We had to be there for him.


 I am devastated Tae will pass soon. It was like he was a 6th member of the band. He was always there and he was a great mate. I dont know what our future holds without Tae. I'm gonna miss him terribly. - Harry


 Tae was an amazing person. He was a fun and spirted lad. Always making people laugh and when he isnt, making people have a good time with just Tae's presence. He will always be in our hearts forever. - Louis


 Tae was awesome. One of my best friends in fact. He was kind, loving, funny, sarcastic; every guys dream best friend. Im sure after him gone, nothing will ever be the same anymore. - Liam


 I dont know what life would have been like today without Tae. We would have never met him nor the girls either. Without him, the 5 of us would probably just be sitting around doing nothing. Not today; today were spending time with our best mate -Zayn


 The future with Tae is just unthinkable. I cant even imagine. He always stood up for the girls, like a father infact. In our world, Tae was a great father, best friend, band member, and just a great person. -Niall.


                                                              *(NOT PART OF STORY)*

 This chapter is deticated to Meredith L. Smith. She was amazing at everything she did. She was a great student, daughter, sister, aunt, cheerleader, and girlfriend to my brother. You are gone Meredith, but not forgotten. M.L.S <3

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