My love is an angel, who forgot how to fly ღ ~ Harry Styles ~

(Throughout the whole story, it's Harry's point of view)
~ Let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy. He fell in love with his best friend, when she's around he feel nothing, but joy. ~
Harry Styles. Young lad, 18 years old and already living life, but when his best friend, Jamie Chase (random name), announces her engagement with band member, Zayn Malik, he realize some feelings towards her, he never thought he had. Immediately, he convince himself, she's the love of his life. He would even die for her. But is it too late? How will Zayn react? Especially, since Jamie is also pregnant...


3. ~ ღ The news; Engagement. ღ ~


Third Chapter: The news; Engagement.ღ

"We're engaged." Jamie ended his sentence, with a huge smile on her face. With her hand in his, and their fingers intertwined.

My heart stopped. I couldn't move. I could barely breathe.

She was choking my heart, again. At least, that's what it felt like. 

Slowly, a huge feeling of pain, grew inside my chest. But I didn't react to it. I just sat there. Speechless. Didn't move. Barely breathed. Just sat there, shocked. While all the others, quickly got up and hugged them, congratulating.

I don't understand... Why am I not happy, for them? Two of my best friends, is engaged and I'm just sitting here. Like a prick. Acting so rude. 

God, I hate this. I hate everything about this. This feeling in my chest... I can't... I have to get out of here.

And so I did. 

I quickly got up, grabbed my stuff and without even saying goodbye, I was gone. Heading straight to my flat. 

"Harry!" I could hear, Jamie's voice screaming, far behind my. That officially, broke me down. I couldn't stop it. The tears began, to stream down my face.

And my heart... God, my heart. Every little piece of it, felt broken.

And the worst part? I don't even know why, I am feeling this way. I have no clue on why, I am reacting this way. Why I couldn't, just congratulate them, like the others. Why I couldn't, just accept it. Why I ran away. Why I'm crying. Why, I am feeling this way. 

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