My love is an angel, who forgot how to fly ღ ~ Harry Styles ~

(Throughout the whole story, it's Harry's point of view)
~ Let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy. He fell in love with his best friend, when she's around he feel nothing, but joy. ~
Harry Styles. Young lad, 18 years old and already living life, but when his best friend, Jamie Chase (random name), announces her engagement with band member, Zayn Malik, he realize some feelings towards her, he never thought he had. Immediately, he convince himself, she's the love of his life. He would even die for her. But is it too late? How will Zayn react? Especially, since Jamie is also pregnant...


4. ~ ღ The following months... ღ ~


~ ღ The following months... ღ ~ I didn't speak to neither Jamie nor Zayn, for the following weeks. But that didn't mean, that I didn't keep up with the drama... They're engaged, but our management is strongly against it. Did Zayn really believe, that when you're in the worlds most famous boyband, you could just run away and get married? No. But I would do it though.  If it was me, I would give up the world for the woman I love. Even my career. Not that I'm referring to Jamie and love, or anything... But if I was in Zayn's position, I would fuck our managements rules and get married. That is, if I truly loved her. Any-who... The world knew nothing about their engagement. But it still broke Jamie's heart, that management didn't allow it. I could hear her crying, every damn night. But as much as it broke my heart, I didn't do anything about it. You see, we were currently on tour. And my room, was always next to Jamie and Zayn's. Which I would normally hate, but luckily, no moans came from their room. Only the sound of her crying.  I feel like shooting my own foot, because of the pain in my heart from imagining her, in Zayn's arm, crying every night. Every. Fucking. Night. And if that wasn't enough; I feel constantly miserable. And I don't even know why.  I told Louis about it, I told him everything: The butterflies in my stomach, when I'm with her. How just the thought of her, makes me smile. How I love every single thing about her. Even the tiniest details. I even told him about the pain in my chest, that comes every time I see her with him. Zayn. Especially now, since they're engaged. But most importantly; I told him how miserable I actually am. I feel so... Depressed. So negative.  Louis, of course, said that I am just in love and jealousy is taking over me...  But I'm not in love. I can't be in love. Jamie is literately my best friend in the world. You can't be in love with your best friend.   You can't be in love, with your brother's fiance.
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