My love is an angel, who forgot how to fly ღ ~ Harry Styles ~

(Throughout the whole story, it's Harry's point of view)
~ Let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy. He fell in love with his best friend, when she's around he feel nothing, but joy. ~
Harry Styles. Young lad, 18 years old and already living life, but when his best friend, Jamie Chase (random name), announces her engagement with band member, Zayn Malik, he realize some feelings towards her, he never thought he had. Immediately, he convince himself, she's the love of his life. He would even die for her. But is it too late? How will Zayn react? Especially, since Jamie is also pregnant...


5. ~ ღ I've never used that tone on her... ღ ~


~ ღ I've never used that tone on her... ღ ~ "Harry! Haaaarryyyy! WAKE THE FUCK UP!" I literally screamed and fell on the floor, just because of that. Niall just laughed, but afterwards he helped me up. "Thank you for that." I ironically said, while massaging the bottom of my back. "You're welcome, love. But seriously, we have a radio intervi-" I immediately pushed him in the bathroom. Not hard though, therefor he didn't get hurt or anything. "The fuck was tha-" This time, he stopped himself.  Jamie was watching us. "You're such and stalker! Fucking creepy. I thought Harry went mental or something for a second ya, but it was just you.." Niall said while walking over to her, laughingly.  Jamie just smiled and kissed Niall's cheek. "I'm sorry, Nialler. Umm... Can I speak to Harry? Alone." Boy, this was awkward. Niall just nodded and walked out of the room. Clueless, of what kind of possible hell, he just walked out on. "Why the hell, have you been ignoring me?" She said while giving me 'the look'. That evil look, every woman have. "I haven't. I've just been... Busy." "Bullshit." Oh, God... But it's not true. I've been avoiding her, and Zayn, ever since they told us about their engagement. And even now, when where on tour, I'm still trying to avoid them. Well... Mostly Jamie, not so much Zayn... But I'm not ignoring anybody.   "What? You think it's easy, being in the worlds most famous boyband?" She just sighed. "Harry. I've been on tour with you, this whole damn time! Why are you doing this? I miss my best friend. I need my best friend." Aha! There. She just wanted to use me. "Miss me? No. That's one thing you definitely don't do. You just want me, because of this entire engagement-situation." I suddenly got confused, her look.... That look. I couldn't read it. "Well... Yeah. We promised we would always be there for each other, and now, when I really need you, you're just... Ignoring me!" She had tears in her eyes. Actual tears. Oh, God. My heart cannot handle this... "Jamie. Let me speak out then. The reason I've been.... Avoiding you." I took a deep breath. I was about to confess something, not even I knew what was... ".... Is because... Well.... I have this... Weird feeling in my chest. And..." I continued, I wanna tell her about my feelings lately, about the pain and the butterflies. But she interrupted me. "For Gods sake, Harry! I don't wanna hear it! Don't you realize what's going on? Zayn and I -" "Shut up! It's always about you and Zayn! I'm sick of it!" I suddenly screamed the words, from the top of my lungs. She looked terrified, I've never used that tone on her.   And the entire hotel heard me... Including Zayn. God, how embarrassing...


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