My love is an angel, who forgot how to fly ღ ~ Harry Styles ~

(Throughout the whole story, it's Harry's point of view)
~ Let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy. He fell in love with his best friend, when she's around he feel nothing, but joy. ~
Harry Styles. Young lad, 18 years old and already living life, but when his best friend, Jamie Chase (random name), announces her engagement with band member, Zayn Malik, he realize some feelings towards her, he never thought he had. Immediately, he convince himself, she's the love of his life. He would even die for her. But is it too late? How will Zayn react? Especially, since Jamie is also pregnant...


2. ~ ღ And the "odd" feeling, returns. ღ ~

Second chapter: And the "odd" feeling, returns. 


Hey guys! I thought I should let y'all know, that I ONLY post new chapters, Friday nights, or Saturdays.  
And I am not from a English speaking country, so I apologize, for all kind of grammatical mistake!  ________________________________________________________


My eyes were on the screen. I was winning. My team was winning. I was... "YEEEEEEEES! I WON! I WON!" Liam screamed, throwing the controller away, so he could jump around the room. "What the..." I couldn't believe my own eyes, even my mouth was hanging. I just lost in Fifa.... To Liam. 

"Oh, shut up! I lost on purpose!" I defended myself, after I recovered from my little shock... Jamie giggled all the way next to me, and hugged me from the side. "Our little baby, won't admit he lost. Awww.." She said, with the kind of voice you have, when you talk to babies. I just rolled my eyes though. 

We were all gathered here, in Jamie's house. Her and Zayn, have something they would like, to tell us. So they got the whole gang together. 

Perhaps, they broke up? That thought, has been running trough my mind, all day. And I can't help, but smile, when I think about it. Don't ask me why, though. I've just been acting weird, lately...

"Aaaaaanywas..." Zayn walked in the room and wrapped his arms around Jamie's waist. He planted a soft kiss, on her lips.

An odd feeling, rushed trough me. Not just any odd feeling, I've felt it before. Yeah. It was that day, I spotted her ring...

"Why are we here, anyways?" Josh asked, looking at them. We were all in the living room now. Sitting on the couch, while Jamie and Zayn, stood there in the middle. Looking at us. 

"Well..." Zayn started.


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