The Taste Your Lips Allow

Joanna was never the lucky type, so when she won a contest to go on a date with Harry Styles of One Direction, she was bewildered. After realizing they had an infinite amount in common with one another, the two fell in love and developed a strong romantic relationship. However, with the stress and pressure of One Direction, a series of battles take place leaving Joanna to make the decision to follow her heart and stay with Harry, or follow her head and leave him and high life behind.


2. Winning

            “I’m… I’m what?” Joanna stuttered.

“Come with me,” the vender said hustling Joanna into the building right next to where the stand was set up.

“Where are you taking-”

“Now, you listen to me. You seem like a sweet enough girl. Harry will probably like you….”

“You know Harry personally?”

“Shut up. I’m trying to do something for you here!”

“Sorry,” Joanna mumbled.

“Now, where was I? Right, now I choose you for this because I think you have something special. Plus, I was just tired of standing out there yelling about some pop star…. Never mind that though. Now what you need to do is take this magazine, and enter this code at this website, but you have to wait a few hours, but don’t wait too long-”

She had never been more baffled in her entire life. “Why do I have to do all this frivolous stuff? I thought you said I already won! What is going on, oh my god.”

The Irish vender let out a heavy sigh. “Would you like me to talk to Paul for ye? Would ye believe me’self then?” 

“Paul?” Joanna gasped. “Paul Higgins? Paul! Um... yes. Talk to Paul.”

“Ugh,” the man sighed. “Follow me.”

As they progressed through the building, Joanna took note that it was a record label building. Gold and platinum album covers hung on the walls, and pictures of all sorts of different bands were everywhere.

“Get in the elevator,” the stranger instructed. “Now, when you get to floor thirty-two, go make a right and go to the conference room at the end of hall. When you see Paul, tell him I sent ye.”

“Wait, I thought you were going to come up with me?”

“Aye, but I change me mind. You’re own your own lassie.”

“Oh, well okay, Hey, thank you for um, picking me. I don’t know how to repay you. I’m still sure if this is even real…”

“Oh it’s real alright. I picked ye ‘cuz I thought ol’ Harry might like ye. Long, brown, curly hair, bright green eyes, and dimples… you’ll definitely leave quite an impression on him. Have fun, and don’t over think too much,” the old man replied with a wink, and then limped away back out the building.

Joanna inhaled deeply; still unsure if this was even existent. However, she decided to follow her gut instinct and go up to the thirty-second floor to claim whatever prize had been distributed to her in such an unorganized manner.

The inside of the elevator was surrounded with perfectly clean mirrors, reflecting back Joanna’s panic-stricken face. “I’m sure Zayn would like this,” she mumbled to herself with a slight giggle.

            Upon reaching the thirty-second floor, the elevator came to a halt. Cautiously, Joanna stepped out and glanced around, as the doors slammed shut behind her. This floor was a specialized floor in the record label’s building- this floor was specifically dedicated to One Direction. All of their plaques hung on the walls, and all sorts of merchandise were stacked neatly on tables. It was like heaven. However, Joanna knew she couldn’t stay and gaze in awe at of One Direction’s glory, so she proceeded down the hallway to the right like the vender had told her to do so.

            “What do you mean they snuck out of the hotel?” she could hear a man screaming as she approached the conference room. Through the glass windows, she could see the man yelling was Paul.

            “I need those boys back in that hotel immediately! They have a performance tonight! I certainly do not need them lollygagging around the city! Do you know what could happen to them? Screaming hormonal girls could mob them, or they could be kidnapped! Now you better get them back at once if you want to keep your job, do you hear me?”  Paul slammed the cell phone shut, and sat back in a large, leather easy chair, rubbing the temples on his forehead.

            After watching that scene, Joanna debated whether or not she should go in- it was obviously a bad time. She started to back away from the door, just as Paul spotted her.

            “Hey! You!” he called from inside. “Who are you?”

            “Oh shit,” Joanna cursed under her breath at her failed attempt to sneak out. Sheepishly, she turned around, and walked into the conference room to be face-to-face with Paul.

            “I asked a question. Who are you?” he repeated in a booming voice, which echoed off the glass walls.

            “My name’s Joanna- I was sent here by… um, a guy?” she answered petrified.

            “A guy, huh? That’s real convincing sweetheart. Look, I don’t know how you got in here, I guess you teenage fans have lots of tricks up your sleeves nowadays, but the boys aren’t here, you got it? I’m sure it took a lot of planning and rule breaking for you to try to see them, but-“

            “I didn’t sneak in here though! I was sent here. For the contest thing,” Joanna said holding out the magazine that was given to her. “Somehow I was chosen to… meet… Harry…” she gulped, and could feel the adrenaline running through her veins.

            Paul sighed and sat back down. “I see. Sorry for snapping at you, I’m a bit stressed out at the moment.” He chuckled to himself. “These boys… these boys are such gifts from heaven, but they can be such devils to get a hold on sometimes. I assume you heard the little mishap I was rambling into the phone before?”

            “Yes, is everything alright?”

            “Everything will be fine, the boys just snuck out of the hotel- again. They do it often, so it’s become less of a surprise, but still a big deal I suppose.” He paused. “Now to more serious matters, this contest you have here, that has been so very diligently handed you,” he said sarcastically, “will tomorrow be alright for you?”

            “Tomorrow?” Joanna asked taken back. “So soon?”

            “Well would like to ever see Harry or what?”

            “Of course! So, tomorrow.”

            Paul smiled. “Excellent. Be back here tomorrow at 3pm sharp, and Harry will see you then.”

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