The Taste Your Lips Allow

Joanna was never the lucky type, so when she won a contest to go on a date with Harry Styles of One Direction, she was bewildered. After realizing they had an infinite amount in common with one another, the two fell in love and developed a strong romantic relationship. However, with the stress and pressure of One Direction, a series of battles take place leaving Joanna to make the decision to follow her heart and stay with Harry, or follow her head and leave him and high life behind.


1. Life As A Fangirl

“I don’t even understand why you like them so much,” Lindsay mumbled to her friend Joanna, whose face was buried in a magazine. “I mean, they’re cute and all, but I just don’t get them.”

            Joanna let out an exasperated sigh. Most of her friends didn’t understand her love for One Direction. “They’re perfect, and that’s all you need to get.”

“Eh, I only think that Harry guy is cute.” Lindsay replied.

Joanna smirked. So many people felt this way. Only Harry. And it was rather disappointing too. One Direction wasn’t a little tumblr secret anymore. They were famous now, and everyone knew about them- the incredibly cute but extremely sexy British boy band that were taking the world by storm. And with more and more people knowing about them, her chances of ever meeting them decreased.

“That’s what everybody thinks. But they’re all extremely beautiful and talented.” With that Joanna put down the magazine of One Direction fun facts, in which she already knew them all, and got up from the couch. “I’ve got to get to work, I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, I know I’ll be seeing you later, on my Twitter feed with all your endless tweets to the boys.”

The streets of New York City were exceptionally less crowded than usual today. The cool air and foggy atmosphere kept people locked inside their apartments. However, there still was the usual amount of venders and vigorous sellers amongst the streets. Joanna walked confidently down the street on the way to her job at Vogue Magazine, when a vender at magazine stand suddenly distracted her. He was yelling something, and waving a magazine around in the air. As she got closer, Joanna was able to make out what he was rambling about.

“Win a date with Harry Styles! Harry Styles, everybody! One Direction’s Harry Styles! You could be the lucky lassie to go out with this young chap!”

Suddenly controlled by her Directioner self, Joanna sidestepped through the crowd over to the magazine stand.

“What’s that about One Direction?” she asked frantically.

“Aye, you could spend the day with Harry Styles, miss! It’s in this here magazine.”

Joanna’s first impulse was to buy the magazine instantly, but then she remembered what she was talking about with Lindsay just a few moments ago. One Direction was so famous, her chances of winning anything were so slim, and it wouldn’t even be worth the shot.

“As lovely as that sounds, I wouldn’t win it.”

“Awe, come now miss, its worth a try!” the seller said with a grin.

Joanna sighed. “Really, I would love to. But I’m telling you, I would not win. And I know that you’re just trying to make a quick buck and sell a magazine. I’m late for work now, I have to go.” 

“Your loss, miss. I thought you might be the one.”

At this remark, Joanna paused and turned back around. “What to you mean by ‘the one’?”

“What I mean is that maybe I know which magazine is the winning magazine, and maybe you’re the first to actually stop and take interest rather than bombarding me.”

“So… what?”

“So you’re going on a date with Harry Styles, miss.”

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