"Farewell Cruel World"

The world is cruel.
There's loneliness and sadness. Love makes you pay back the happiness it gave you, by giving in sorrow.
I might carry a feather but it would feel like I'm carrying a ton rock.


34. Women


Women exist for the pleasure of men 

And they have formed their own little community

To do so


However, they don't know so 

Because it would be an insult to the women population


But, without women

Men would be nothing

Life would sure be hell

Life might be worse than 'The Worse Greatest Wars'

Men would have no source of comfort and softness 

So they would fight and fight each other

And get nowhere


Women have never been treated the same as men 

No wonder, so many woman would give anything to be a man

I don't know...

Maybe it's just me


There's a story that a girl in a faraway land

Cut her hair off and bought a fake identity confirmin she was a boy

Then she joined the army

And that's my story.


Even though the Constitution directly states:


Somewhere in that old, rusty skin of paper 

That one word in all that cursiveness 


But, Justice is just a word 

That doesn't exist 

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