"Farewell Cruel World"

The world is cruel.
There's loneliness and sadness. Love makes you pay back the happiness it gave you, by giving in sorrow.
I might carry a feather but it would feel like I'm carrying a ton rock.


8. Valuable

I walk alone in the hallway, Looking at the numbers, By the doors When I realize, Everyone passing by is looking at me Being the few new eight grade student It's hard I feel nothing, Nothing, Blankness, A white or black paper Just a wasted year When one of the two most valuable things for me Is taken away; Writing and music I play last years' songs on my violin But, am eager to learn knew one's This school doesn't have an orchestra I walk in the hallway, Looking at the numbers, By the doors, When I realize, Every one Passing by is looking at me, I try to ignore, Act normal, Keep it up cool Just a wasted year, When one of the two most valuable things for me, Are taken away; Writing and music Until you come up And be the next valuable thing in my life ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By the end of the year: I see now Nothing, no day, no second was a waste It all happened for a reason Its a fact that in a few years this year will... Just be remembered as -or... not remembered at all- simply 8th grade It'll be a dot in the history of my life Because I have learned That in one life A person can also live so many lives The things you learn from the textbooks in school Are not survival skills or life lessons An older person talks to the youngster about making good decisions But, everyone and everyone, learns lessons of life when they make their own mistakes They'll reget in the begining But, they will soon learn what I have learned The bad things in life happen to us Only to make us smarter and stronger To let us survive Because we have a long, long way to go Before we reach peacehood in the arms of our father I cried a lot this year But, I also learned a lot My mom used to say Cry a little and you will come back to your senses But, I think if you cry a lot, you can loose your senses too The tears won't get me anywhere good They'll only make me deppressed And that won't get me anywhere either I learned to forget, forgive, be strong, and move on I aslo learned that no natter how much I want to stay a child I have to grow up in the end So I have to let go of the ones I love Cry a little And finally, accept that they're gone Me holding on to them won't do any good to me Maybe make me insane, depressed again, and mental In my case, if your heart becomes like a stone Meaning, when hurting words are said you show no reaction You have succeeded in life
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