"Farewell Cruel World"

The world is cruel.
There's loneliness and sadness. Love makes you pay back the happiness it gave you, by giving in sorrow.
I might carry a feather but it would feel like I'm carrying a ton rock.


31. Star Sirius

Look out

Look out to the South 

This very night 

This very moment 

Look out 

Look out before it's dawn 


Look out to the stars 

Look out to the Orion 

Those three stars in a row

And lower to the left of it 


The brightest of them all 


Above those three stars to the right  

Look out 

Look out to the V shaped stars 

They're a bunch 

The biggest of them;



There are many more stars, however. 

Remember, when you look out to the stars tonight 

The night of February 

Remember to compare yourself with them 


The star thats like me; 

Is Sirius 

Because I am VERY serious 


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