"Farewell Cruel World"

The world is cruel.
There's loneliness and sadness. Love makes you pay back the happiness it gave you, by giving in sorrow.
I might carry a feather but it would feel like I'm carrying a ton rock.


35. Power


Words are...



They can hurt you and they can make you happy.

They can anger some and put a smile on some.


But, in the end words find they're way

They're right home,

Where they belong.


Words will anger many 

Words will give hope to many

But, words will also give fear to all and everyone

All the time. 

There hasn't been a single second in history where words hasn't scared someone.


Words can also fool you.


Words will find they're way

When the world is in it's most darkest times

When there's no justice and when even the clouds with no fault are polluted


When there's no other way

No choice left

Nothing left

Even the effort to try


But, a baby will be born 

With a taste of words in him

And he will be the word or sword 


First he will write

His words will be read and passed on

More and more people will agree and more and more people will trouble him

Among all, he will lead a protest right when you think it's the end

The protests will seem like they will never end 

They will find way to cruelty, violence, blood, and death. 

Many will suffer


But, in th end

The lives lost will seem like it wasn't worth it for billions of humans death compared to a small rebel; 20 deaths or so?


You're right murder of billions of humans is not worth it for justice and prejudice

No war is worth anything

The worlds and life's should already have justice and prejudice without any question

Like having belief in God without any questioning. 






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