"Farewell Cruel World"

The world is cruel.
There's loneliness and sadness. Love makes you pay back the happiness it gave you, by giving in sorrow.
I might carry a feather but it would feel like I'm carrying a ton rock.


13. Giving up everything for the little Angel

Note: written on a famous singers perspective.


When you go on Facebook, and like funny pictures and laugh along

And get notified that you have two hundred more followers on Twitter

Then you look at your baby.


Nothing matters, nothing,

Not your career, not your fans, friends or family,

You would give up anything for this little angel who made your life.

Who started your life.

I would do anything for this little angel not to pay for the adults sins.

Didn't you know?

Little angels pay for the sins you make.

So did you, when you were once called a little angel,

You might not remember, because you were spoiled or so

But, the poor know this very well.



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