No Second Chances

Molly Christopher gets to say something that most girls dont get to say. I was best friends with Harry Styles. Yes, was best friends. Now they have met again and Harry wants a chance with her, even though Molly has fallen for Liam Payne. When a tragic event happens, he has another chance to get her. Harry has a descion to make. To live in the past, or prepare for the future.


12. Who Are You?

Liam POV*

The door opened and my stomach twisted into knots. I turned, but it was only Lou, Harry, and Zayn.
They sat down, and minutes later the doctor came in. 
"She has severe head trauma, and we had to do an emergency operation. She fractured her skull, resulting in damage done to her brain, so that's where we went in. She has a broken arm, and dislocated her shoulder. The reason she had more damage done than Mr. Payne, is that the truck hit the car on the left side, which is where Miss Christopher was seated. You're lucky, she could have been killed on impact,"
"So she definitely will live?" Harry asked.
"Not necessarily. Infection can set out in her brain, she did lose a lot of blood, so it's a 50/50 chance that she will live,"
Everyone became quiet.
"Are we allowed to see her?" I choked out.
"Yes, but only a couple at a time," he said.
He shook our hands and we made our way back to the waiting room to choose who would go in first.
"I think Liam should," Harry said.
Everyone nodded, so I made my way to ICU. 
My hands shook as I twisted the knob. My knees went weak when I saw her. She had a tube in her neck, and in her nose. She had bandages around her head, and dozens of IV's in he arm. Her hair was spread across the pillow, and her face was extremely pale. I sat in the chair next to her and held her hand. 
"I'm so sorry," I whispered. "So very, very sorry,"
At that moment, the rest of the boys walked in. They all gasped and sat down on the couch that rested on the other side of her bed. Harry said nothing the whole time. We all fell asleep there, and in the morning, I was woken by a nurse. 
"Sir, we need to do some tests. We need you to leave."

I came to see her everyday. She never opened her eyes, never did anything to show that she was alive. But I kept my faith in her.

(4 days later)

I walked through the hospital doors with flowers in my hand. Harry held balloons and the other lads held cards and stuffed animals. Today is supposed to be the day the doctors wake Molly up. 
Mason went to Africa to get his parents, so he couldnt be here. We happily walked into her room. The doctor and nurse were already in there. They smiled at us. We out out stuff down and we went to her side. 
"Ready?" the doctor said.
I grabbed her hand and nodded my head.
He pulls out the shot and injects it into her arm.
I excitedly wait. 
"Molly? Can you hear me? If you can, open your eyes."
She quickly fluttered her eyes open and closed them again. I smiled as a tear trickled down my cheek. I looked at the boys and they were crying also. 
Her breathing quickened and she sleepily opened her eyes. She blinked a couple of times, and then looked around the room. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. 
"Where am I?" she said after a minute.
"Your in the hospital," the doctor said. "You were in a terrible accident," 
She looked at me, and jumped. She slid her hand out of mine, looking quite frightened. 
"Molly?" I asked.
"Who are you?" she asked me. "Who are all of you?"
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