No Second Chances

Molly Christopher gets to say something that most girls dont get to say. I was best friends with Harry Styles. Yes, was best friends. Now they have met again and Harry wants a chance with her, even though Molly has fallen for Liam Payne. When a tragic event happens, he has another chance to get her. Harry has a descion to make. To live in the past, or prepare for the future.


2. Back, and better than ever

*Molly's POV*
I looked at the big brown house in front of me. This couldn't be the house Mom and Dad said they moved into. I checked the text message they sent me:
Hi Honey!
We know your coming back next week, but we have just been offered temporary jobs in Africa! So that means we are going to be gone for a while. Your brother is still there, so you will be living together. Be smart, be safe. Love you! It's 42 Lilac Way, brown house.
Yup, guess this is it. I walked up the steps, and opened the double doors.
"Hello?" I said. My voice echoed against the walls. It was so big!
"Molly!" I heard. I looked around, but didn't see anything. 
"Up here!" they yelled.
I looked up and saw my twin brother, Mason, standing on the top of the stairs.
I ran up to him and he ran down. We met in the middle, and he hugged me tightly. 
"Mason, I'm missed you so much," I said, on the verge of tears.
"But at least you could make the decision to come back,  it wasnt my choice. I missed you too!" he said. 
When he released me, I smiled the biggest smile imaginable.
"My god, your beautiful!" he said. 
"Thanks," I said. "You look great too!" I added.
"Thanks! So... have you talked to Harry?"
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