No Second Chances

Molly Christopher gets to say something that most girls dont get to say. I was best friends with Harry Styles. Yes, was best friends. Now they have met again and Harry wants a chance with her, even though Molly has fallen for Liam Payne. When a tragic event happens, he has another chance to get her. Harry has a descion to make. To live in the past, or prepare for the future.


3. Awkward

Molly's POV*
My heart stopped. I totally forgot about Harry. 
"No, I haven't and i dont want to. He's probably busy too. He's in a band, right?" I asked.
"Yeah, One Direction. He's really popular now," he told me.
"Alright, let's stop talking about Harry, and help me get my bags!" I shouted. I pushed him playfully and he pushed me back. We grabbed my bags and hurried back into the house.
*Harry's POV*
I sat in my room, strumming my guitar, and humming "More Than This". Louis walked in and handed me my phone.
"Hey, someone texted you," he said.
"Thanks, Lou," I said. I opened the message from Mason. Gee, I haven't heard from him in a while, I thought.
"She's back." it said.
I threw on some basketball shorts, and sprinted out the door.
"She's back... she's back...she's back..." I said to myself. 
I found the big brown house and sprinted up the driveway. I knocked in the door. Then again. Then again. No response. I finally just opened the door and ran inside. 
"Molly?" I yelled. "Molly!" 
I searched the kitchen and the living room. I gave the dining room a quick look, then found myself back by the front door. 
I looked up the long flights of stairs, and on the balcony was a girl. She was beautiful, with her stunning ocean blue eyes, and wavy brown hair.
"Molly?" I said in amazement. "Wow, you look great!" 
"You too," she said quietly. 
I started to walk up the stairs to her. 
When I got to her I just stared.
"Um... Hi?" I said.
She smiled. "That smile," I thought.
We opened our arms at the same time.
"I missed you," I said.
There was a silence.
"I... I missed you too," she said. 
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