No Second Chances

Molly Christopher gets to say something that most girls dont get to say. I was best friends with Harry Styles. Yes, was best friends. Now they have met again and Harry wants a chance with her, even though Molly has fallen for Liam Payne. When a tragic event happens, he has another chance to get her. Harry has a descion to make. To live in the past, or prepare for the future.


10. Accidents

Liams POV*
    l didn't know what to do. I looked over at her, and I saw the headlights behind her. I screamed her name, and when she turned her head, the car flipped. Mollys seatbelt had slipped off, and she was flopping all around. I grabbed her and held her close. The car landed upside down, and I couldn't move. I unbuckled my seat belt, and I hit the cold asphalt. Molly lay there, not moving. 
"Molly?" I gasped. I pulled her over to me and kept her close. I heard the sirens and saw the lights. I saw multiple feet run over to us. Somehow, they managed to get the remains of my car off of us. As soon as they lifted it, I saw Mason, Niall, Zayn, and Louis standing by an ambulance. They started to run over, but were stopped halfway by the police. I felt them lift me to my feet, but I was soon moved to a large stretcher. I kept my eyes on Molly. They ran over to her, and picked her up. They sprinted her over to the ambulance. Mason hopped into the ambulance with her.
They quickly wheeled me over to the other ambulance. Louis ran beside me.
"Hey mate," he said when we got in. 
"Hello," I said quietly.
"Shes going to be ok," Louis said, handing me a tissue.
I didn't even notice I was crying until I felt the warm tear slide down my face.

*Harrys POV*

   I drove home, and when I got there, no one was there. I sat in front of the TV, thinking over the whole day. Then, the news flashes on. 
"Breaking news! 18 year old Molly 
Hartman and 19 year old superstar Liam Payne were in a devastating car wreck tonight. Liam was driving and Molly was in the passenger seat. Molly has been rushed to a hospital for severe head trauma and Liam didn't have a bad blow. Next..."
I sat there in shock. I was out the door and driving to the hospital. 
I got there, and everyone was sitting in the waiting room, looking as nervous as ever. 
Mason wasn't there.
Louis patted the seat next to him, and motioned for me to sit down.
 I reluctantly did. Half and hour later, Liam came out of a room. 
Zayn stood up and hugged him. So did all of the other boys... except me.
I stood up and I said, "How could you?"
"What are you talking about?" he asked.
"Liam don't play stupid. First, you took Molly away from me, and now you may have killed her. Good job," 
"Hey, none of this is my fault. Thy driver was out of control and do was that truck. Don't blame me,"
"Oh sure. But you DID take her away from me. Why do you always want what I want?" I said, pushing him.
"Now, boys, settle this like adults," Zayn said, stepping between us.
"Excuse me? Anyone in relation to Molly Hartman?" a nurse said.
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