Scattered Feelings

Lotus Foster and Niall Horan have been best friends since kindergarten. They've spent every day with each other until the day of the 2010 XFactor auditions in Dublin, Ireland. That was the day Lotus lost Niall to the world of fame and fortune. Two years later she gets a second chance to reunite with Niall. Will she finally get to tell Niall how she really felt about him all these years or will she fall in love with someone else? ©2012


2. Driving

 The next morning I woke up at 9:30. I jumped out of the bed and put on my favorite crop top that says, "Young and Free." with some jean shorts. I slipped on my converse and went into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and brushed out my black hair. I applied some black eyeliner to highlight my blue/green eyes. I checked my self in the mirror one last time and walked downstairs. I had moved to London with my best friend, Beau on my 18th birthday. "Hey Lotus!" Beau smiled passing me a cup. "I made you some coffee." I tested it. it wasn't piping hot but it wasn't cold either. It was perfect. "Thank you Beau, The coffee making genius." Me and her laughed. "Well, I'll see you later, I'm going to Starbucks." Beau frowned. "But I just MADE you coffee." I smiled at her. "I'm just meeting someone there." I said opening the door. "Oh, who are you going to meet." I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't even know." I quickly  shut the door and checked the time, 9:50. Luckily Starbucks was 5 minutes from here. As I approached Starbucks, I looked in and counted a;; the people in there that would possibly be a witness in a kidnapping case. I walked in and sat at a table. No one came up to me so I put in my  headphones. After the song What Makes You Beautiful finished I looked up to see a gorgeous curly hair, green eyed boy. He smiled at me revealing the most adorable dimpled ever. he had his hood up. I took off my headphones. He looked familiar. "Hey, Don't I know you?" I asked with  obvious confusion on my face. "Well it depends, If your Lotus Foster than you should know who I am." I was now ultimately confused. "How do you know -.. WAIT! I know who you are!" It clicked at the last minute but there was no denying it. He put a finger up to his lips. "Shh, I really don't feel like running." he laughed and I chuckled. I went into a whisper. "You Harry Styles." He smiled again. "The last time I checked I was." Sarcastic little loser. I just laughed. "So what's my surprise?" I asked eager to know. He grabbed my hand and led me outside to a black SUV. "Where are we going?" He just laughed. "Boy, Do you ask alot of questions." I blushed and smirked. "Well, It IS my specialty."


Harry's POV:


 "Boy, Do you ask alot of questions." I said. Lotus blushed and smirked. She was beautiful really. "Well, It IS my specialty." She grinned and I smiled back. I wanted to surprise both Niall and Lotus. I remember the he mentioned her once in awhile so I was going through his room and found his old phone with her number in it. I texted her through my phone and here we are today. "We're here!" I shouted as I jumped out the car and opened Lotus' door. "Thanks." She said smiling. "How did you get my number anyway?" She asked me. "Through Niall's old phone." She smiled and said, "Ohh ok." I grabbed her hand and entered the hotel.

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