A Dream Come True

A small city girl gets a one in a life time chance, which is a day with One Direction. Little does she know that she'll find true romance with the one and only, Niall James Horan. HOPE YOU LIKE IT <3


5. The Day Out

          MIA POV:

 Ive been in Lodon with the boys for 3 days now and i kind of just want to get out. But i dont have a car or any friends, so i just have to deal with it. Today we were hanging out at Harrys flat and 3 girls were there. A blonde one, Brunette one, and a black curlied hair girl. I was guessing they were the boys girls. " Hey! Im Elanor!" " Hello, Im Mia" "were going to the mall, do you want to come?' "sure!" So we went out to the mall, on the way there they introduced themselves to me. " hi im perrie, zayn's girlfriend" " hey im danielle but you can call me dani, im liams girlfriend" "and you know my name, im louis girlfriend." "cool, i Nialls lol" So we got to the mall and we went to their favorite places to shop. i got a lot of new clothes. I was a little shy so i was texting Niall. Hey babe, i said. hows shopping? fun. i said, i got a lot of new clothes, theyre pretty sexy ;). anthing on you is sexy ;). oh stop it, im blushing! well if you dont believe me hurry up shoping and come to my flat ;). Niall!  What! :)  Dont be sexual!someone could see these messages! They would have to go through me before they get my phone!

          NIALL POV:

 Right when i was about to leave Harry took my hone and ran in the bathroom and locked the door! " Harry! open the door! This isnt funny!" " I think it is!" harry said chuckling. i cant even imagine what harry was texting mia! i hope he wnt get me in trouble!

           HARRY POV:

 I took Niall's phone and read all of niall and mia's messages. hahah there gettng a little sexual at his house! I knew i put that secret video camera in nialls room for some reason! this is going to be great! Right when i asked her out Niall bbroke in, took his phone and ran outside.

           MIA POV:

 I kept getting weird messages from niall. " niall is that you?" "ya of course it is! im just a little tipsy, hehehe" "NIALL! why are you getting drunk!" " because! it makes me better at sex!" " NIALL JAMES HORAN!" " MIA ERTEL!" "guys i have to go" "how will you get home?" "taxi, thanks for taking me!" then i ran outside and waited for a taxi. I went to Harrys house. " i went in and said wheres Niall?" harry was laughing " i dont know he just ran outside" i went out side and Niall was so surprised. "Mia!" right then he fell in the pool! i ran and jumped in after him full in my clothes. when i got in we were under water and we stared at each other and smiled. then i kissed him! underwater, it was so romantic! then we ccame up above still kissing! it was the most romantic thing ever. take that off my couples bucket list. then i heard a clicking noise. me and niall looked up ad saw louis with hs phone than ran away! he took another picture of us. we got out of the pool and chased after louis. we found him on the couch and jumed on top of him giving him a big old hug. we got him all wet since we just came in from the pool. it was an amazing day. 

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