A Dream Come True

A small city girl gets a one in a life time chance, which is a day with One Direction. Little does she know that she'll find true romance with the one and only, Niall James Horan. HOPE YOU LIKE IT <3


10. No No No


      NIALL POV:

 "uh hi Jae" " Niall i need t talk to you in private" " well im with my girlfriend so youll have to wait to tell me" i said while looking at Mia, gosh why did she have to be here! "well this cant wait" "well its going to have to!" i said in a raised voice. "well then ill have to say it infront on her, im pregnant....." no this cant be happening i looked over at Mia who was just staring, in space then a tear slipped out of her eye. "no." was all i managed to say "what do you mean" "no its not mine"  "Niall i tested if it was and it is" then i felt Mia get up and run away crying. "go away! i dont want to seee you Jae!" then i ran off. "'Mia! Mia wait!!!!" but she kept running. then she coaught up to the boys then Liam caught her.

       MIA POV:

 " let nme go!! "No! tell me whats wrong!"  "No Liam let me go!" then he picked me up over his shoulder then raan to the car then put me in it. " liam i dont want to talk about it!" "well your not leaving until you tell me!" then he texted the boys saying he'll handle it then went back to me. "ok now tell me!" "no!"  "mia!" "finee! this Jae chick was there!" 'jae?!?!" "ya and she said she has Nialls baby!" then i went back to crying. "ohh im so sorry mia!" then Liam cuddled me and started rocking and played with my hair. 'shh shh its going to be alright" "no it wont! how could Niall do this! after all what hes said!" "mia theyve been apart for months!" "still! how can we be together while he has a kid with someone else!" "i dont know! but we an work this out!" then i just laying my head on his chest. i did kind of over react but anyone would of! "thanks liam" "shhh just go to sleep" then i just did what he said. 

       NIALL POV:

I stopped crying by now and was worrying for mia, what was she doing with Liam? does she forgive me? then liam texted me and the boys. "shes ok guys! liam says to head to the car" "thank god shes ok!" Mackenzie said then ran to the car. i looked through the window of the car and saw liam cudddling mia and mia was asleep. then i slowly opened the door and liam shhh'd me . "ok ok gosh, how is she?"  "shes good just needed to calm down" "ok good. now lets go" then liam handed me her. then i layed her in the back and then put her head on my lap. she mumbled something, but i didnt hear her "what babe?" "thanks liam, love you." i just ignored it and kissed her head then she smiled.



Sorry i havent wrote for awhile! i dont have my own pc so i have to sneak on my moms when she isnt home! but every time i write she comes home right while im writing so i have to save it then run so she doesnt read this! So ive decided to write two chapters every wednsday! 

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