A Dream Come True

A small city girl gets a one in a life time chance, which is a day with One Direction. Little does she know that she'll find true romance with the one and only, Niall James Horan. HOPE YOU LIKE IT <3


8. Niall?!?! Harry?!!

        MIA POV:

what di niall mean! i was so confused. but i just forgot about it and went to bed. its been about 6 hours since i got home and i waz still sad and had Niall in my dreams. it was so real, the dream was that i got homew and i was sleeping, then the door shut and next thing you know i felt huge biceps around my waist, i woke up (in the dream) and saw it was Niall, "oh hey Niall how was today?" "it was good i missed you so much!" "what do you mean?" "im here!" i awoke from the dream and..... Niall was really there! "Niall!!" "Mia!!" i jumped in his arms crying. "i missed you so muvh Niall!" "i missed you more!" i kissed him for a very long time, so he picked me up and i put my legs aaround his waist, then he pushed me up ahgainst the wall, we started so undress, he layed me down while i was still in my underwear and i bra, and niall was in his boxers. He looked down in a innocent face like he was wondering what to do. i kmew what he meant, i nodded. he look confused "really?" "yea,im ready"


      NIALL POV:

she was ready! she was really going to let me. i slowly unbucled her bra, then she took off my boxers, then her panties. we went to the bed and got under the covers. it was amazing!it was about and hour till we got done. i could tell she was a virgin, but i didnt care because i was one too. and im happy i lost it with Mia, she was the one. She whispered in my ear "i love you" "i love you too" then i kissed her softly then she fell asleep in my neck. i wonder what Harry was doing.


i woke up to some one opeing my door, "oh sorrry i thought this room was empty" it was Hary Styles. omg, harry styles in my room. how? i dont care! "oh its fine you an sleep in here if you want" i said winking, he smiled then stripped down into his boxers. omg, his abs. he layed down next to me. we ended up kissing. Then........ ;).     this was amazing!!!

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