A Dream Come True

A small city girl gets a one in a life time chance, which is a day with One Direction. Little does she know that she'll find true romance with the one and only, Niall James Horan. HOPE YOU LIKE IT <3


11. Let me explain


i know i said i will post every wedsnday but i couldnt resist! parents arent home so i have a chance!


    MIA POV:

 I was half asleep and i felt me get picked up and layed down in the backseat, obviously i thought it was Liam since he was holding me not so long ago.  So we must've just got home because someone was trying to wake me up. "Mia come on time to wake up" it wasnt Liams voice.... it was Nialls. I admediatly got up and ran out of the car and inside, i then trapped myself in someones room, apperently it was Harrys. "sorry, i just had to get away" "its fine" "ok thanks" i just plopped down on his bed and let out a big sigh.  then he plopped down next to me. "you know Nialls not even with her right?" "Harry i cant talk about this" then right when i was about to just leave harry grabbed my arm and had me sit down again. "yes you can, and you have too." "please harry" "no! talk to me about this" "fine! god! its just i didnt know how to take it! Jae has Nialls child! what should i have done! he said he was a virgin till he met me!" "Wait..... whatndo you mean until he met you?" "well last night i havent seen him forever..... so we you know" "oh, well im really sorry" then i just  broke down crying into harrys chest.


how could they of had sex! Niall was supposed to be a virgin until marraige. i thought in my head. then mia just started crying into my chest. I love mia, as a sister of course! I cant let anyone hurt her, shes very vulnerable and she has no time to let a guy make her worst. but shes kind of over reacting, niall and jae havent dated forever! and besides Jae is a dirty liar she could be lyying just to get niall back.


Mia!! come on let me explain! please!!! then i heard footstes coming and Harry was there standing motioning for me to come in.  i than  saw mia and ran to her. as soon as i got to her i craddled her and wouldnt let go no matter how much she struggled to get out. "Mia let me explain!" "fine! you have five minutes" "ok. listen me and jae broke up along tie ago when she cheated on me! but before we broke up it was valentines day and i had to move out of the country so we did it! i useed protection but obviously it didnt work! i never wanted to hurt you mia! please forgive me!" then she just kissed me for a while. it was the best kiss ever. i nver wanted stop. she pulled back and just said "i love you and i will forever and ever" "i love you too, and wil forever" then we just fell asleep hugging. 

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