A Dream Come True

A small city girl gets a one in a life time chance, which is a day with One Direction. Little does she know that she'll find true romance with the one and only, Niall James Horan. HOPE YOU LIKE IT <3


15. Bump

     MIA POV:

I woke up in nialls arms. I took his arms off slowly and got up. I went to the bathroom to go to the restroom. I looked in the mirror and my hair was a mess. I brushed it out then felt a horrible. I ran to the bathroom and vomitted. Gross! i havent puked forever. I  didnt eat anything bad last night. Why am i puking?!? I got up from the floor and back to the mirror. I looked down and i saw it.....


 I woke up because i heard someone vomit. I went to the bathroom and saw mia in the mirror. "Mia?" "Niall you can see it....." "see what?" then she looked down and started rubbing her stomache. I looked down and saw it. The bump! you can see it! "Oh my god.... she/he is forming!" I said. "i know!" then she jumped for a hug. Be careful, dont want to hurt it." "oh yeah i forgot! this is going to need a lot of getting used to." "yeah. by the way, what will we name it?" "For a girl ive always wanted Skye, you know my middle name" "yeah i like that! what about boy?" "you pick." I cant believe i get to pick his name! "hmm what about Harry?" "After Harry Styles?" "Ya. I mean the lad has one a lot for both of us" "ok then it'll be Skye Horan or Harry Horan." "My last name?" "Well if you want." "I'd love to have it Horan" Im so happy i cant even explain. I will protect them forever. I cant let anything happen to the baby or Mia. "were going to be awesome parents. but we have to keep you in the house. You cant go out." "why" "poparazzi, crazy fans, and crazy people. we cant take risks." "ok this will be hard"


I got another call from Niall. He wanted me to come over. I drove over and went inside. I saw Niall and Mia on the couch smiling. "Hey. whats up with you guys?" They stood up. "Loook! you can see Mias bump!" Niall said. "o my god! what are you guys going to name it." "well if its a girl its Skye" Mia said. "If its a boy..... it will be Harry!" Niall said. I was so shocked. Really? my name? "im so flattered! but why?" "well you've helped us out alot, and i love ya man." then Niall gave me a hug. "aww stop it" i said all sarcasticlly.

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