A Dream Come True

A small city girl gets a one in a life time chance, which is a day with One Direction. Little does she know that she'll find true romance with the one and only, Niall James Horan. HOPE YOU LIKE IT <3


17. Baby


"push!!" "ahhh!!" "Shes almost out push!" "ahhhhhh!" *BABY CRY* "heres your baby girl! what are you going to name her?" "June Skye Horan" "lovely name" "thanks" *niall* "look at her! shes beautiful, and ours! she has our eyes and your nose!" "haha i cant believe shes finally here!" "ik" "niall? are you crying!?!" "ya! shes ours! we've been waiting so long!" *niall grabs June* "i already love her"  "your going to be a great dad niall." *passionate kiss* "i love you so mjuch Mia Skye Ertel!" "i Love you more Niall James Horan"

                                                                         THE END


hey sorry i put 9 months later! i hate stories that do that but i got really bored writing this but im goinfg to write a sequel to where june is 5 and jaes kid is 10 its going to be called "the dream sisters" i will start writing  it on  october 20 i hope you liked my fanfic

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