A Dream Come True

A small city girl gets a one in a life time chance, which is a day with One Direction. Little does she know that she'll find true romance with the one and only, Niall James Horan. HOPE YOU LIKE IT <3


2. Amazayn Day


                   MIA   POV:

      After dreaming, i get to doing my homework while in the midlle of it i dozed off. The next morning i woke up it was already 6:45!! "crap!" i quickly threw on some bright blue shorts and a cute Areopostal shirt then ran down stairs. I took some toast off the table and ran out the door. I got to my bus stop right in time with the toast devoured. i got on and just sat there in excitement hoping i would win.We got to school so i checked my phone. i saw it was time to see who won. i was so excited. i checked who the winner was and-.As soon as i checked it one direcction was at my class door!! a bunch of girls got up screaming trying to attack the boys. Paul bllocked them, the teacher was demanding for the class to calm down and to sit down. they eventually did. Paul said, "is there a Mia Ertel in this class?" i was about to stand up, when a bunch of girls stood up saying they were me! i was so agervated. thee teacher said "grls calm down! Mia, come on up" she said while pointing at me. I stood up  in shock and walked over to them. "hello" liam said. "hi" i said still in shock. they laughed. "well lets go!" paul said. we walked to the limo out front. it was a red humur limo with zebra printing inside. "so vas hapenin?" zayn said. i laughed. "excited" i said in the most non-fangirl voice. " well where do you want  to go?" louis said. " Idk anything" " well there looks like theres a festival up here." " oh, ya thats the midway" "well lets go there!" "ok!"


   I was so happy we picked mia! she was even prettier in person! i have to get to know her, shes the one i can tell it. we were in the limo and i was sitting next to Mia, i scooted closer hoping she wouldnt notice, but she did because she looked at me, blushed, then looked down. Come on! she obviosly likes you a little bit! Just look at the way she looked at you! Grow a pair and talk to her! " Hi" i managed to say. " hey " she said, her voice was so sweet and calm. " so how are you?" " im ok" she said in a sad like voice. "no! not like im not happy to be here! i am its just school, life, people, it all just sucks" "oh, i feel you" she smiled, so i smiled back.


   Niall, he just looked so happy to be here with Mia, they looked really good for each other. Niall was trying to flirt, but it looked like he needed some help, " so Mia, whos your favorite outta the band?" "oh i dont pick favorites" " oh come on we wont get offended" " well, if i had to pick...." " come on dont be shy"  " ok my favorite would have to be Niall" they both blushed. see instant love.

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